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How to treat a German woman the right way...

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To me that's a really difficult question! It's always a bit harder to date somebody of another culture, but with German girls I just don't get along!
I know the 'traditional' dating rules, for example the guy has to pay everything - but in Germany I heard that some girls get offended by this because their independence is questioned.
Whatever you do, you do it wrong!

What did you experience? Girls are also welcome to join this discussion!

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    drag her by the hair to your cave..isnt that what everyone does?(Grin)

  • Chase Ellison

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    So I figured I would throw out another question about German Women. How does humor usually make an impression during dating. By humor in my case is witty sarcastic remarks. (See any of my posts subjects if you need clarification) Do that usually go over well? Mira, I already know your answer however, if you would like to share with the rest of the peanut gallery be my guest.

  • Blizzy Everhard

    German women

    posted by  Blizzy Everhard in Germany forum 

    Me too actually :(. This is probably the funniest descussion I've seen so far on Just Landed

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    I tell you what every body must try and respect some one so as to let him or her be treated in the same way.You dont have to see yourself as so special. That helps alot

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    "Deleted user"?! Damn it, I wanted to hear how the story is going on ;(

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    lol you guys! Nice answer Mira ;)
    And Chase...great subject xD

    You two should be entertainers or something

  • Chase Ellison

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    I am around. Kinda.. I have not had much to add. Thats sweet of you Mira to miss me.

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    Darren, I think you're right, but I'm totally fine with paying the whole bill if a women expects me to. If she pays half the bill herself, so much the better ;)

    @Mira: I think some of you worry even more!! :D jeje

    @Ajay: How is it getting on with that girl? Already invited her to a coffee? ;)

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    I dont think it matters where they come from, every woman is differnt.
    I think with this day of age the ladys want to pay half of the bill and if you find a woman that exspects you to pay, you might want to think maybe she is not a very good person.

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    Lol AJ Singh. How can you go through life without experiencing a woman? I don't know of anyone that has ever been so busy with school or work that they handn't had a girlfriend ever. Maybe when you are an adult and have a hectic work schedule, then yes. I know lots of single people at that stage. But to never have had a gf ever!!!! Whoa.

    As for German women liking Indian men, it all depends on the individual and also if there is any kind of attraction or chemistry between 2 people. Their ethinic backgrounds hardly matter if all the right ingredients for a positive attraction are present.

    As for the girl that you have a crush on, silent crushes are for high school kids. Come on man, you are a grown adult.Since she is a colleague at work, it would be perfectly natural for you to strike up a conversation with her on any pretext. Use your imagination. Talk to her like you would any other collague at work. Don't let your emotions call the shots there.I have noticed that guys that yearn after that one special female never ever end up with her. She usually ends up with the guy that treats her like a normal person and doesn't come across as some kinda pervert that is trying to devour her with his eyes every time they happen to glance at each other. Guys with the crush syndrome usually fall into that category.

    Instead just be the normal guy at work, be confident of yourself and approach her just like you would any other male or female at work. Keep your conversations interesting and intelligent, without making her feel that you are trying to impress her.After a few days you should have a decent idea as to what kind of person she is and if she is as interested in you as you are in her. Maybe ask her out to the movies or a drink after work. Keep it KISS simple. If she agrees to go out with you, then you can take it from there.

    If not , still treat her like a workmate and move on.Instead of following all the complicated romantic dating rituals that u find all over the place, just keep it simple and unpretentious. Do what feels like the right thing to do. Women love spontaneity and confidence in a guy. You don't have to take her out to a candlelight dinner and a movie and then serenade her later. If that is not your style she will see right through it and that will be the end of your best laid plans with no LAID in it.

    Guys that ask for love/dating advice on internet forums usually suck at approaching women and have low self esteem. Get over that mindset.She is human just like you and me. Not some gargoyle that will snap your head off if you happen to approach her the right way. like the Nike commercial says" Just do it"

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