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Importing a car to Germany

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Hi everybody! I'm thinking of importing my car from the US to Germany. Anybody has some experience on this? What are the cost? And how much do I pay in customs and taxes? Thanks for your help, Quenting

  • Liliane M

    Import a car from the US to Germany

    posted by  Liliane M in Germany forum 

    Ths costs of converting a US spec. car to German TUV standards would be cost prohibitive. Add to this the cost to get it here and the cost for more gas as US cars are not as fuel efficient. The people who do have US spec cars here, have them for a reason. They are either US Military/Govt. who have access to the super cheap gas vouchers/service or Germans with lots of $$ to maintain the car.

  • Emilia Gomez

    Importing a car to Germany - be aware of the Umweltplakette

    posted by  Emilia Gomez in Germany forum 

    Just read this very interesting article about the new "Umweltplakette" - if you intend to import a car to Germany make sure it meets environmental standards (which is probably not the case for most American cars ;o):

    German cities, under a law passed in 2006, are acquiring environmental zones (Umweltzonen); areas into which you can't drive your car unless it bears a windshield sticker certifying that it has an acceptable emission level.

    There are three different stickers: a green one certifying that the vehicle is environmentally acceptable; a yellow one for less acceptable vehicles and a red one for those that are still less acceptable. Yellow and red stickers will eventually be phased out, after which all vehicles permitted in the environmental zones will need a green sticker.

    Gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles without catalytic converters will be unable to get any kind of a sticker and will not be permitted in the environmental zones. All gasoline-powered cars with catalytic converters will get a green sticker. So will the best of the diesel-powered vehicles. Diesels, however, present a greater pollution hazard, and many will only get yellow or red stickers. Foreign plated cars, and those of the US forces in Europe, are also required to have the stickers.

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    thanks Emilia

    posted by  angie del mundo in Germany forum 

    at Emilia: Thank you for all the information that you provided. I have been looking for an answer for this question. You're awesome

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