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Learning German - how difficult is it?

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I've got a job offer for Frankfurt and am thinking of relocating there with my family. Problem is that none of us speaks any German, and I heard it's really hard.

Any advice on how long it takes to get a basic grip of the language? And how can you get by in Germany in the meantime (with English)?

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    Hi Admin

    I want to learn german can you recommend me this e-book please help me

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    They say German is a hard language to learn but I guess it depends also on your motivation and intensity. Surrounding yourself with German friends and colleagues always helps speed up the process, as you hear it constantly, you get used to the language and you will find yourself talking German in no time! Good luck!

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    taking a professional exam with the goethe institut would really help. The three "core" grades you can take an exam in are A1, B1, C1

    A1 is essentially the level of a beginner....someone who has perhaps taken a 6-week course in German, and you really know the basics.

    B1 is someone who could go and study in Germany, for example at a German University. If you can pass the B1 exam, you should feel confident enough to have a reasonable conversation with a native speaker, and understand most of what they are saying, as well as be able to get across what you are trying to say.

    C1 is moving towards expert level, and is the equivalent of a German native speaker.

    If you can achieve the B1 certificate, is will help enormously with trying to obtain work in Germany.

    In terms of learning the language, I can highly recommend both the Duo-Lingo and Memrise smartphone apps, and also Membar software (, which is an excellent and unique alternative to using flash-cards for vocabulary building.

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    Hello Paul,
    German language is widely spoken here in Germany, but you can still find many people speaking English. I came to Germany 2 years back without knowing a single word of German to study. After taking several German language course (A1,A2,B1) I can do conversation in German. Learning German can depends vary from person to person. But normally to do basic conversation (in store or in bank) you can learn in few months. You can also visit to find the language institute in Frankfurt.

    Enjoy your stay in German :)

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    Hi I would also to ask I want find a job in Germany with art profession this year 2015 June 23th I graduated The Faculty of Arts and I would work in Germany because in Lithuania country is hard to find anything with art profession a job I know little bit german language I been there for vacation and I really liked to be in there beautiful country of many castles and friendly german people but I need somehow to learn german language while I'm looking for job in Germany from Lithuania it's possible get online course of german language?

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    Apparently your methods of learning a language do not work with your own Englisg - otherwise the post woudn't have so many mistakes ...

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    You can reach a good A2 level and 6 month. Just avoid group classes and learn in bars, cafes and with friends or take private one on one classes. Anything else is really wast of time and money.

    I am having some free learning materials on my web side:

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    Check out this Free German Language Course on Youtube!
    It is a great starting point!

    On this channel there are also sitcoms in German with English Subtitles!

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    Hello Paul! It certainly isn't that difficult. I had some serious trouble learning it myself and then teaching it to others, but I got over it eventually. When it comes to learning German, I have to recommend the following article:

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    I know a website that is useful when I started learning German helps me a lot

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