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Living costs in Germany

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What are the living costs in Germany, especially concerning food and rental prices (in larger cities like Frankfurt)?
How much do I have to calculate per month?

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  • Karl Maizier

    Living cost in Germany

    posted by  Karl Maizier in Germany forum 

    Hi Fernando! The living costs in Germany depend on your expectations. For a room in major cities, you have to calculate some 400 Euros. Total budget for a student livestyle would be aroun 800-1000 Euros. If you want to live a decent lifestyle (own apartment etc.), calculate for some 1500-2000 Euros.

  • Rita Hager

    im moving to Germany

    posted by  Rita Hager in Germany forum 

    im moving to germany with my husband it is just us i speak only english how is everything out there im frightened to leave everything i grew up with for adventure but im doing it.. tell me whats it like there?? living costs?, food?, make up ?, Babies?. all of that seperatly? how much would i be spending and do you have a mcdonalds there ??

  • Living costs in Germany

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Hi Rita, maybe that helps you:
    (and yes, we have quite a lot mcdonalds in Germany!)

    After rent, the two biggest chunks of the average household’s net income go into food, personal hygiene and household products (12 percent) and services (12 percent). About 10 percent is spent on mobility (public transport, fuel etc.) and 6 percent on clothing.

    According to the Federal Statistics Office, the purchasing power of a “German euro” ranged from €1.57 in Egypt to €0.66 in Japan in April 2005. That means that Japan, for instance, is considerably more expensive since there, one euro is only worth €0.66 in goods. The office’s statistics show that Denmark, the UK, Switzerland and France and Italy are also more expensive than Germany. Slightly more expensive are Austria, the Netherlands, USA, Belgium and Australia. In Canada, South Africa and Poland you get more for your euro than in Germany. In the Czech Republic and Lithuania one euro is worth €1.26, meaning that Germany is about a fourth more expensive than these two countries.

    So how come Germany has a reputation of being expensive if so many European countries give you less for a euro? In fact, groceries, household products and other basics to fulfill your everyday needs are not at all more expensive than in other countries, on the contrary: the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD informs its students that €660 will allow a modest lifestyle but no more.

    It’s the going out and having fun prices that makes Germany expensive – those most visible to the eye of a tourist. Countries such as Italy and Spain have a culture of having a coffee or a snack on the street and thus seldom charge more than a euro for a coffee. In Germany, prices between groceries in the supermarket and beverages and food in a restaurant or a café vary substantially. A regular coffee will often cost at least €2. A tall latte may be more than €3 in some cities. A glass of water may come in at €1.50 – it’s definitely not free as in many other countries. Half a liter of beer is sold for anything between €2 and €4.

    A cheap glass of wine costs €3 but there’s no upper limit. According to Lonely Planet travel guide publisher, a mid-range meal will set you back by €8 to €16. €7 should be earmarked for a ticket to the movies. The good news is that many cultural events such as opera and theater performances as well as arts exhibitions receive public subsidies, keeping down prices, especially for students.

  • Liliane M

    Moving to Germany

    posted by  Liliane M in Germany forum 

    Living costs - roughly the same as in the US
    Food - not great but better than in the US
    Make up - Don't overdo it in Germany!
    Babies - Great place to raise them if you're looking for a safe environment ...

    In total: Don't be scared, you will have fun. The only thing to be scared of is the German language ;o)

  • Germany

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    In my case the living costs in Germany are much higher than in Mexico (I already expected that).
    I already heard a lot of weird stuff about the German food...I'm really excited what's expecting me there ;)

    And yes, the German language is one of my biggest problems! Rita, if you want to learn it, take a lot of time and patience ;)

  • Daniel Tschentscher

    Living cost in Germany

    posted by  Daniel Tschentscher in Germany forum 

    How do you manage to live on a 1000€ per month? In Frankfurt, you almost pay this just for a decent flat?

  • Verena Mazlow

    Living cost in Germany

    posted by  Verena Mazlow in Germany forum 

    I agree with Daniel. In the bigger cities of Germany, you need at least some 1500 Euros per month to live a decent live, at least if you want to have your own apartment...

  • Living costs in Germany

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Which cities do also belong to the "bigger cities" in Germany?? Because compared to where I live in Mexico, e.g. Frankfurt doesn't seem that big to me ;)

  • Hello...

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Hello everyone.... Just wanna ask, which one is more expensive (From the prices of food, average cost for rent a 1 bedroom apartment): Berlin or Muenchen? by how much approximately?

  • Dora Böhm

    Cost of living in Munich and Berlin

    posted by  Dora Böhm in Germany forum 

    Munich is a lot more expensive than Berlin. In Berlin you can get a 1 bedroom apartment for around 300 Euros per month. In Munich you should expect to pay twice as much!

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