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Living costs in Germany

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What are the living costs in Germany, especially concerning food and rental prices (in larger cities like Frankfurt)?
How much do I have to calculate per month?

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  • Muhammad Tazin

    posted by  in Germany forum 

    I am from Bangladesh. As it is having crucial economy, I am planning to get permanent residence permit in Europe.
    Germany is one of my favourite choice, because I have got positive information about there. As like If 100 Thousand Euro is invested then permanent resident is sure.
    My Intention is to go there at first as a student for a year-long course. My field of skill is learning language. Then I want to judge the society and business conditions there. Then I will investment.
    Can you give suggestion about-
    *The per hour salary of working in a Shopping Mall,Super store,filling station etc. (I am told it's 10-12 Euro)
    *Is there any preference if I become expert in their language?

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    What is the Living cost in Erlangen?

    posted by  Sandeep Sas in Germany forum 

    I am planning to move to Erlangen with my wife. How much must be my earning potential to live in a decent 2BHK apartment? What is the average salary drawn by an IT Engineer with 2 years work experience in Erlangen?

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    For Darmstadt, i don't know what are your planning. Last time I was in Hannover with 670 Euro/month. I'd managed to rent a room for 240/month. As for food, fresh stuff can be expensive, but you can save a lot compare to eat outside. Average, I spent around 200 in first month for stocking, as for the consequent month it is much lower (Maybe around 100-150). Depends on what food you want to cook. For me, I usually go to Asian shop and Turkish shop nearby. I hope it helps.

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    posted by  in Germany forum 

    Hello all,

    I would like to ask how big are the living costs in München.
    I have checked the sites with property and seems that 2 bedroom flat can be rented for 1000 euros inc bills, but I know if the area is ok or not . Another question is how much costs the other costs :
    month travelcard

    The reason is that I got an offer for 3500 euros for month (2080 nett) if its ok for München or not .

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    posted by  in Germany forum 

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know your opinions if do you think that 500 euro are enough for living in Darmstadt or not? I can cook for myself & I don't think that I'll have time for leisure/cultural activities (if I have I would sleep).
    thx a lot

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    posted by  in Germany forum 

    i am coming to dessau with my son can anyone help me by explaining how to get a school for him?

  • Merve YILDIZ

    posted by  in Germany forum 

    it is so expensive and i i want to learn that is there any dormitory in baviara or munih; i will come to there as a erasmus student and can i work as part time?

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    how much cost for living in dresden. Can any body tell me per month expances including food and room.

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    I managed to get a 3 months internship in Hannover and I am currently trying to figure out the average monthly cost of living there.
    I will be staying from October till December and based on my calculation, I need to have everything under around E600.
    I did searched before and some says that for decent accommodation E200-300 is enough. How about the food expenses? I am planning to cook for myself, on average 4 days per week, and maybe take-outs for 3 days/week. But it still under consideration tho. And for handys and internet? I am thinking of using Skype to connect to my home.
    I am thinking of getting Halal food, is it available around Hannover?
    Is there any way that I could cut cost in my budget if let's say I am not really a party guy?

    It would be great helps if you could provide me the information. Thanks in advance.

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    posted by  in Germany forum 


    I am planning to do my internship in Gelsenkirchen for 5 months (July-Nov).

    Can someone tell me about the living, food, travel cost and other misc. expenses. I am geting a free accommodation here. How much do you think i'll be needing... I think Gelsenkirchen is not a very expensive place in germany...

    Please reply me... it would be a great help to me...

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