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Please help me with the visa to germany

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my visa has been refused twice and I am helpless can anyone help me I have given them the all necessary documents asked by embassy website and some other documents to support which are
1. My own partnership firm registartion and partnership deed
2. my personal bank account details
3. Certificate and affidavit of owning house from parents.
4. my past working certifiacate
5. A cvering letter for my holidays from my work
6. my plans for germnay visit

they refused the application by saying following reasons
1. You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully."

2.The information submitted regarding the Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable

3. Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.

If anyone knows how to fulfill these criteria's please help me with it.

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  • Lucy T.


    posted by  Lucy T. in Germany forum 

    unfortunately,it depends on the land you came from,there is some type of "visa discrimination" in regards of the country,I dont know why it has became so hard but i guess mostly because people from certain countries use visas wrongly,they request one purpouse of visiting germany,then they overpass the 3 months and stay there until getting caught as illegal aliens.So they prefer just to deny the visa,maybe you want just a holiday in europe,but they dont care,many people gets rejected even having all the requisites to be approved,maybe someone from a visa free country doesnt have enough cash and doesnt come with any good intention compared with an indian who came just for holidays and can affort it,but statistics speak by themselves...thats the way it works,and i dont think it will get better within time.

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    posted by  in Germany forum 

    I also having the same problem as you and they asked me to write and appeal.
    As they mentioned the reason of visa refusal is 'Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained'. So how can I write an appeal to this reason? Can you please explain ,If you have any idea regarding this?

  • Lucy T.


    posted by  Lucy T. in Germany forum 

    why everybody wants to go to germany as if it was the dream land,things are not easy here,is a nice place but is hard being an inmigrant,and then when you are an illegal "tourist" after the 3 months it doesn turn easy.I've seen that,thanks God i ve never been one of them...i came here with the right visa but is hard still.

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    posted by  in Germany forum 

    Hi Manoj,

    My VISA also got rejected with same reason "Other reasons : Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided".

    Could you please also send me the document which you made for this.
    This would be a great help for me.


  • Please help me with the visa to germany

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Hey Pramod
    Ok if you have got only this reason for the refusal then make a document in which you will make sure to write ur daywise or weekwise itinerary or plans which you are gonna spend in Germany as I did that and they didnot make this point for refusal of my visa. I haven't got the visa because of other points of refusal and I hope you will get it if you make the document as i have said it.
    I will also email you the things like which I have made so no worries and hope you will get the visa things sorted out. make sure your plans will be reliable otherwise they will criticize this point again for you.

    best wishes

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    Hi Pramod,
    if this is the only reason why they refused the visa, you can just make a paper on which you will write your reasons and plans in Germany. This is what Ive done and so they didnt critizised this point. Only it will maybe be a problem if they will believe you or not. For me it was the new reason now, that "The justification (...) was not RELIABLE."
    Hope I could help you.

  • posted by  in Germany forum 

    Thanks for keeping my hopes up for that and yes I am not loosing hope at all and now am planning to apply again in December around christmas time and hope that I will get it by then otherwisae as per Carolle's Suggestion I will try it through some other EU countries.

  • fred jik

    posted by  in Germany forum 

    visa regulation are differ in different country some are easy while some are hard you need allot of prove to convince the visa officer that your intention are real you must show that you will come back after your visit do you have a house landed properties shears nice job good statement of account well turn over not stagnant have you traveled before if you are a business man have you certificate of incorporation tax receipt bill of laden, i know all the hurdles i have traveled wide and far. i know what is like applying for visa, who is inviting you? does he or she support you while you are with them? do they get support from government?

  • Dafür habe ich echt kein Verständnis

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Da ich weiß, da ihr beide Deutsch sprecht, kann ich ja einfach auf Deutsch antworten. Ich (die Freundin) finde es ehrlichgesagt sehr traurig und unverschämt was hier los ist. Vielleicht klingt es ja jetzt mehr echt. Ich finde es eine ziemliche Frechheit was du geschrieben hast (sorry wegen dem Du, aber ich finde das Sie muss man sich auch verdienen). Das du andere Länder angegriffen hast mit deiner Wortwahl ist auch nicht sonderlich "smart", könnte man sagen. Wie auch immer, ist deine Ansicht, aber ich finde es ziemlich traurig. Zu Lucy kann ich nur sagen, es ist wirklich wie er gesagt hat, er ist nur hier um mich zu besuchen, dass man da auch touristische Aspekte Deutschlands anguckt, ist nur natürlich. Das der Hauptgrund aber Tourismus ist wurde nie gesagt.

  • Lucy T.

    posted by  in Germany forum 

    First of all,I dont like to offend other countries,Pakistan or Russia deserve the same respect as any other country,this is a personal problem.

    I personally think there re too many discrepancies in your history,first it was a holiday,then it was to see your girlfriend and is all messed up, im confused.I think german consulate and its inmigration policy dont like to be cheatted on,fi you want to work there or move is not gonna be reached with a fake or wrong visa,cause once you have it u cannot change it at all,once the tourist visa expires you enter into the illegal type and thats it!then you will need a miracle to get legal.seriously,not even a marriage with a citizen would help if u didnt enter with a fiancee visa to begin with.

    If you want to have a holiday then keep trying,otherwise be honest and do things the right way...

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