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    Visa for Germany

    posted by  Claudia Thomas in Germany forum 

    Hi Manoj,
    I am sorry to hear that you have trouble to get a visa for Germany. Please visit the webside of the German embassy or Consulat, which is responsible for you. Where do you live in India? There you will find comprehensive information on how and where to apply for a visa. Please note that the embassy has the right to ask for additional documents and information besides the one they have listed on their webside.
    In general you have to proof them that you can effort your journey to Germany, that the cost for your stay in Germany is covered and that you have no intention at all to stay longer in Germany than your visa has been approved for. In addition you have provided them with a confirmation letter ("Verpflichtungserklärung") by the person, who will invite you to Germany, stating that they will cover the cost for everything which is in relation to your stay in Germany. Such confirmation letter has been stamped and approved by the local aliens authority of the city, where the person who will invites you, lives.
    Please send me an email to [...] if you require more concrete information.
    best regards,

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