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    First of all,I dont like to offend other countries,Pakistan or Russia deserve the same respect as any other country,this is a personal problem.

    I personally think there re too many discrepancies in your history,first it was a holiday,then it was to see your girlfriend and is all messed up, im confused.I think german consulate and its inmigration policy dont like to be cheatted on,fi you want to work there or move is not gonna be reached with a fake or wrong visa,cause once you have it u cannot change it at all,once the tourist visa expires you enter into the illegal type and thats it!then you will need a miracle to get legal.seriously,not even a marriage with a citizen would help if u didnt enter with a fiancee visa to begin with.

    If you want to have a holiday then keep trying,otherwise be honest and do things the right way...

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