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Problems with renting appartment in Germany (Stuttgart area) - need help!

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Hi guys,
Me and my husband are moving to Germany for his new job near Stuttgart. Currently we live in The Netherlands and have a big problem renting the apartment from distance. Basicly nobody want's to rent us the apartment without viewing it first, even though my husband can provide a job contract and a contact person in his new company, who can confirm his employment and answer all questions. Unfortunately we can't come to Germany (Stuttgart area) earlier to just look for apartments and our time to move is becoming very limited. What can we do in this situation? We need to move in the second week of August and so far we have no place to stay and move our belongings. I really count on Your advice!

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    posted by  Frank (confidential) in Germany forum 

    Mohammad: Your post is off topic here, so you may want to open your own thread to get more relevant replies.
    It would also help if you tell something about your educational background, work experience and in which area (city) you are looking for work.

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    posted by  mohammad reza hanifi in Germany forum 

    I have worker visa but I don't know searching work

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    Veni vidi vici

    posted by  Margaret Zalewska in Germany forum 

    Thanks for the information, we decided to go with temporary place from airbnb and look for a permanent place once we're there. Thank you again! :)

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    Finding acoomodation in Germany

    posted by  Frank (confidential) in Germany forum 

    You are right: No (honest) German landlord would accept you as tenant without a meeting in person - and neither should you accept a place without having seen it. There is too much overpriced rubbish on the market - really!
    Also, renting cycles are long, with the minimum termination period being three months and most places getting advertised and the better ones quickly taken up months before move-in.
    Therefore my advice: Do it like most foreigners moving here and arrange temporary accommodation for the initial few months (hotels, hostels and serviced apartments are available, though not cheap), put your belongings in storage (your moving company can arrange that for you, usually not too expensive) and start looking for a place you really like after arrival. Everything else is unrealistic!

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