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Racism in Germany - how bad is it? (0)

  • Blizzy Everhard

    Racism in Germany - how bad is it?

    posted by  Blizzy Everhard in Germany forum 

    I just read a story on Spiegel online which shocked me: According to a new study, more than 14% of German teenagers can be considered as "anti-foreigners", while more than 5% fall into the category of the righ extreme with Nazi-tendencies.

    Surprisingly, the bad reputation of foreigners seems to be higher in those regions with little foreigners (so those regions where people don't even know what they talk about!!!).

    The original article is here:,1518,613844,00.h

    To me - this is just another example of human ignorance, but for a foreigners living in Germany, these numbers are pretty scary!

    What are your opinions and personal experiences with the way Germans see foreigners?

  • Anne Sredzki

    Racism in Germany

    posted by  Anne Sredzki in Germany forum 

    I never had a problem with racism in Germany. There are quite a few ignorant people - but these you find everywhere!

  • Blizzy Everhard

    Racism in Germany

    posted by  Blizzy Everhard in Germany forum 

    That's true. However these numbers surprised me, however it's obviously different what people think and how they treat others. Any other opinions?

  • Chase Ellison

    Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

    posted by  Chase Ellison in Germany forum 

    The fact that 14% of German youth are racist is amazing considering how progressive Germany is. Although, it is often forgotten that Racism is learned from the parents, aunts, uncles, and grand parents; the trend I am sure is a downward spin reducing with each generation with the ever improving world communications such as the internet.

    I do strongly agree with Anne though. You'll find ignorant people everywhere.

  • Michael B.

    Racism in Germany - how bad is it?

    posted by  Michael B. in Germany forum 

    I think this numbers arent that scary course when you have bad luck you meet bad people. E.g. i have been to many countries and when
    some people hear me talking german its like " He Heil Hitler" so thats
    not funny also or when i have been too England they spit out in front
    of my feets or in Dubai when a Sheik told germans are great cause of
    Hitler so this isnt nice also. By the way racist problem are everywhere around the world so its not just happening here. I also had problems
    with germans,russian,turks etc. so you can say its everywhere in the world depends how you meet tough! So normally a foreigner doesnt have a problem here in germany as he would have anywhere else on the world.

    That is just my opion and i am half german and chilean . You alway have some bad apples . Sad but it is like that.

  • Mansal D

    Maybe they have a right...

    posted by  Mansal D in Germany forum 

    Maybe they have a right to be anti-foreigner when many foreigners are a burden on the German government and society in general.

    I honestly think many are justified...(as long as they can see there are foreigners that work hard and serve German society by assimilating etc.)

  • Go to Happy Singh's profile

    Sure you find ignorant people everywhere..Is that really an excuse though?

    posted by  Happy Singh in Germany forum 

    I had the "fortune" of living in a German town near Dresden (former DDR) for 6 months... I was sent by my company for training. I am Indian btw..

    I can easily say that I have never felt more uncomfortable in any other part of Europe (or the world) as I have felt there.. and I have lived for long periods in a lot of different countries.

    The problem in (the former) East Germany is many fold... but OF COURSE you guys have never felt any of these because you are white.. now I'm not whining... But the simple fact is that people in East-Germany DO have things to say/stare/even attack you based on the colour of you skin.. There have been many incidents that left me scared shitless in the 6 months I was there.. a lady almost left a Rotweiler chasing after me, I had beer bottles thrown at me by skin-heads.. but I didnt go to the Police, coz I know it wouldnt been in vain, despite that I have almost native fluency in German..

    To say that the Police in that part of Germany is biased is putting it lightly.. I was checked (by the same cops!) again and again and again by them.. sometimes 10 times in a week, including many times when there were Nazi kids just hanging out just down the street.. on asking why this was happening repeatedly.. "Oh.. well you look different, and we are keeping an eye on you".. with a smirk to boot.

    As I said, there are different kinds of racism, all too evident, in that part... There's the Right Wing scene.. which doesnt really bother me much 'coz those knuckle heads are good-for nothing idiots with bad parenting. Then there's the police.. which is definitely dsiturbing. Then you have the people who've grown up in the former DDR.. who have the concept of "untermensch" all too fresh in their minds.. for those who don't know what this means, google it.

    And when you do talk to normal, educated, well-spoken Germans from the west, they blame it on the deep-rooted economic problems in the east. I say balls.. I don't know what, but the problem definitely has it's roots else where.. I have been to the parts of Europe (and the world) which have unemployment rates higher than this place, worse infrastructure, no social support.. but never this problem!

    What is supremely distrubing however, that given Germany's history, it is apparent that most Germans (the good, nice ones) are ignorant or apathtic to this problem. I am not saying they should feel guilty about their country's legacy forever, but there's definitely not being done enough to make it any safer..

    Which brings me to my last point.. Well so they don't like (dark skinned) foreigners there in the east and made it quite apparent to me... and yes they have won. I will never ever return to East Germany and advise all the "darkies" i know to never venture there.. A pity, yes, 'coz even East Germany is a really beautiful place (albeit with ugly people)... so yeah, they are getting what they wanted..good for them!

    Still, personally I dont regret going there one bit, in hindsight. The experience really made me mentally stronger and now the benchmark has been set so low that I literally count my blessings everwhere I travel. In a way it has made me more appreaciative of small things that go un-noticed and more patient with people...

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