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Student health insurance in Germany

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Can anyone recommend a good health insurance provider for students in Germany? Thanks

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    ola bueno antes que nada mando un saludo y por lo que he leido seria bueno que vayas a una aseguradora ya que también cuentan con seguros para estudiantes y eso seria de mucha ayuda para lo que quieres.

  • Benjamin Zvolla

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    Hi Lillaine,

    While i was studying in Germany i've used health insurance from : .

    There are still a lot of different companies that provide health insurance for students but i found Mawista the cheapest with the most coverage's.

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    I would like to recomend all of you some basic informations about the german health insurance system, esspecially for the foreign Students: Here you can find informations in ten languages. First: inform, then: decide! ;)

  • Blizzy Everhard

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    Be cautious with extremely cheap student health insurance plans for Germany. Medical costs in Germany are very high, so any cheap student health insurance plan might have a range of treatments not covered. So you better read the fineprint before choosing a helth insurance.

  • Charles Downey

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    Shopping for insurance quotes online can be tough - there are hundreds of websites dedicated to providing quotes for their rates, but there's no easy way to compare one policy to another without filling out a million forms or making dozens of phone calls! But for me Blue Cross California is best, so better to search as same coverage offered like this site.

  • Janosch Kraemer

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    If you get a state insurance, it doesn't really matter which one you get as they all cost the same since the last reform (at least that's what I got told..)

  • Frank Wagner

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    Before you look for insurance, also check if you are not covered by your insurance from Switzerland:

    Students from countries that have a reciprocol social security agreement with Germany (EU and EEA countries and Switzerland) should obtain the necessary European insurance identity card from their insurer in their home country.

    Students from EU/EEA countries who are privately insured in their home countries must obtain written confirmation of complete coverage for the entire period of study from their home insurance companies. These students need not join the German state health insurance system. Travel health insurance policies are not adequate.

    Students from non-EU and non-EEA countries, as well as students from countries that do not have a reciprocol social security agreement with Germany must provide proof that they have sufficient health insurance coverage for Germany. Otherwise, they must take out a student health insurance policy from a statutory insurer (gesetzliche Krankenkasse). This is only available to students under the age of 30 who have been enrolled fewer than 14 semesters (7 years) and are not enrolled as PhD students.

  • Frank Wagner

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    You might also want to check out, they have very cheap tarifs though the coverage is not great.

  • Olga Zredzki

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    Hi Liliane, I can't recommend a special insurance provider but first of all you need to know whether you want a stat or a private insurance. Maybe this info helps:

    Government Health System

    Most German residents are members of the government health system (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung or GKV). If your gross annual salary is below 48,150 Euros per year or 4,013 Euros per month, membership in the GKV is mandatory. The total cost of government health insurance is currently approx. 15% of your gross salary up to a maximum monthly income of 3,600 Euros. If you earn more than this amount your insurance premium remains constant. Your employer will normally pay slightly less than half of the monthly premium.

    GKV benefits include in-patient (hospital) care as a ward patient with doctor on duty at your nearest hospital, out-patient care with registered doctors (Kassenärzte) and basic dental care. Your non-working dependents resident at your address in Germany are included in your insurance at no additional cost.

    Members of the GKV will join one of the 250 "Krankenkassen" in Germany (non-profit associations administrating the government health scheme). The health insurance funds adhere to established government regulations on what they offer.

    You and your dependents are automatically enrolled in the government long-term nursing care scheme (Pflegeversicherung). This presently costs 1.95% of your gross salary (a maximum of approx. 80 Euros per month) of which your employer pays half.

    For those seeking to upgrade their medical coverage, for instance the right to consult a private doctor, to homeopathic remedies, a private room in hospital and higher dental reimbursements, supplemental insurance coverage is available which can top up the government system benefits.
    Private Medical Insurance

    You may opt for private health insurance (Private Krankenversicherung or PKV) instead of joining the government health plan if you can show that your gross annual salary is presently more than 48,150 Euros and has been more than 47,700 Euros per year for each of the past three years. If you cannot or do not, you will automatically be registered as a voluntary member of the government system and will not be able to change to a private insurance plan until you have been a member of the government system for up to 3 years. It is important to take this decision at the outset when or before arriving in Germany, to avoid being forced into the government system by default.

    Generally, private health plans cover a wide choice of medical and dental treatment and provide broad geographical coverage. Private patients generate higher earnings for medical professionals and will usually be treated by senior doctors. A private patient can also request and will often get, doctors who speak their native language.

    The cost of full medical insurance is based on the benefits chosen, as well as on the age, gender and any pre-existing conditions of the insured. You can reduce the monthly cost of your private insurance by agreeing to a deductible. Please be aware that private insurance premiums are based on the insured individual and do not automatically include your dependents who will be covered under your policy at their own individual rates. Limited term (often 5 year) policies will often refuse to continue their cover at maturity if you have claimed under your policy; thereby leaving you to find new cover at potentially very disadvantageous rates.

    By purchasing a private medical insurance plan from a German health insurance company that provides a certificate recognized by the German government (Arbeitgeberbescheinigung) you take advantage of the same employer subsidies as a government plan member.

    Please note that everyone, whether state or privately insured, must pay into the government long-term nursing care scheme.

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