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Test drive participants wanted in Wuppertal

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Dear Sir or Madam,

as part of a study for a German car manufacturer, we are currently conducting a functional test of a camera system that takes pictures of the driver. For this market research study, we are looking for test persons with an Asian, South American, Indian and African background.
We are looking for expats of different origins (Asians, South Americans, Indians, Africans) and mostly from 55 years upwards. The persons can of course also be born in Germany - what is important is the appearance and either good German or good English skills and a driving licence valid in Germany.
Why do we need Expats?
We need Expats to be able to program a better camera systems in cars with facial features of different ethnic groups. The persons should drive according to the instructions and the faces are fed into an algorithm in the meantime. Of course, the participants will be paid 125 to 150 € for this.

If you are interested, please contact us. Many thanks in advance!
Jens Paulus, Krämer Market Research, Mönckebergstr. 22, 20095 Hamburg, 49 40 350 895-10

Who are we?
We are Krämer Marktforschung - a market research company operating throughout Germany with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Münster and Hamburg. We organise several thousand interviews of all kinds every year: one-on-one and group interviews at the respective location as well as by telephone and online.
What do we not do?
We don't do advertising, we don't do promotion and we don't sell anything! We are doing market research.

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