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Visa for unpaid internship in Germany

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This is shreyas From india. I have got an opportunity to do a internship in TU-Chemnitz .It is an unpaid research internship from may 15th-july 31st 2011. I am confused about the type of visa i need to apply. Say if i apply for internship visa, the requirements page in the embassy website asks me to get a consent letter from the labour office in germany. Is that applicable for me also even though am not getting paid? My professor is not willing it sign in that document as it obliges him to pay. Can some please educate me about the exact documents i need to carry for the visa interview as soon as possible? the Embassy website gives information only about the paid internships. Please help

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    Hey guys,
    I have got an invitation letter for University of Stuttgart to carry out my summer internship there , they are providing me accommodation there. Since they are not providing me with any kind of stipend thus they have refused to give me ZAV (work permit). I just want to confirm, whether ZAV is always required even in case of unpaid intern.

    There is one more thing; Since my trip there would be self financed so there must be a sufficient balance in bank accounts of my parents. Can someone tell me how much money there must be so as to get the VISA. (I even contacted VFS about this query and he didn't mention any specific amount).

    Plz reply ASAP as it is very urgent

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    hi everyone,
    I'm a recent graduate looking for some research work opportunity.I have been offered a university internship in TU Darmstadt and it's not a paid internship but are willing to offer me accomodation and a support grant(Student contract).So,I applied for the Internship Visa (short term) in the embassy and they asked me to submit the ZAV certificate.In turn ,I asked my professor for the ZAV certificate but I don't think he knows much about it but is willing to get it.So if anybody can tell me what should be done in order to get that ZAV certificate as soon as possible and probably how much time will it take?Also Do I need to provide my professor with any of the documents for this certificate?Where to apply for ZAV?

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    Graduates of foreign universities are permitted to apply for a „Weiterbildungspraktikum“ under §§ 17, 39 AufenthG. However, the company needs to prove that the graduate is there to learn and does not have special skills needed in the company (because then they would be a regular employee and need to apply for a permit as a regular employee).

    You need to file an application at your nearest German Embassy/Consulate and your employer will be asked to submit certain documents to the ZAV.

    I studied in Germany and live in Berlin. A few months ago I was at a presentation by representatives of the Ministry of Labour and the Foreigners Office on the opportunities for foreign graduates of German universities. Neither of them were too impressed with the number of unpaid internships in Berlin for graduates and it is becoming increasingly difficult for foreign graduates to receive permits for unpaid internships. However, much depends on the company and industry.

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    hi meo le,

    You can easily get visa for such an unpaid internship,only you need to do is show your bank balance( i.e bank statement) as a proof that you have enough money to stay and comeback with the regular formalities . remaining everything you can check it embassy's website.


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    Hi Shekhar,
    So glad I ran accross your post here.
    I have a question and I hope you can answer me.
    I graduated last year, and now just got an unpaid internship offered for 6 months in Berlin. Did you have to apply for work permit in ZAV? How long did it take? Is it hard to get this? I don't know if they would approve the internship since it's unpaid.
    Please let me know.
    Meo Le

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    hey shreyas, thats very nice!!

    n i tlkd to my prof agn...hes acceptd nw.....he'll apply fr wrk prmit in ZAV soon.....

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    My prof also refused to get me the work permit. but he accepted to enroll me in the university as a part time student. so now i wll be applying for student visa. You can apply for internship visa without ZAV also. only tat visa processing time will be one month.

    Am ging to chemnitz university of technology for 2 and half months.

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    i asked mi prof to send me the work permit but he refused......he says i wont need it since m nt being paid....its completely self-financed....
    where wud u b dng ur intership from???? any stipend??

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    The employer who is providing you the internship have to arrange for the ZAV forms i.e the work permit in Germany.As to support your living, you have to show the embassy that you have enough bank balance.

    better consult your nearest german embassy,everything will be in their website.

    i too will be doing an internship in germany this summer.

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    hello engelchen, i called up the german embassyand they said i don't need it since it is unpaid. Are you staying in germany too??? what is your profession please let me know....

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