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What is the best way to immigrate/find a job in Germany ?

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I really want to immigrate to Germany. I am an EU citizen, 38, married+2, with an MBA degree and 6 years of experience as an investment adviser (but I'm willing to work in almost every position if necessary).
I also speak very basic German, so I thought Berlin could be a good place to start ( I heard one can do well in English there).
So, what is the best strategy to do the move - Internet job sites ? getting there then try and find something ? I'm clueless.
Please advise,

  • Oren Korem
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    I don't know where you heard that it is easy to find work in Berlin, especially if you don't know German, however, you have been thoroughly misinformed.

    The unemployment rate for Germany was 6,7% for Germans and 15,0% for foreigners in January 2012. The unemployment rate in Berlin in January 2012 was 11,6% for Germans and 25,5% for foreigners (keep in mind that the unemployment rate only includes the people officially registered as out of work).

    Furthermore, the underemployment rate for Germany has been around 9% in the past year, in Berlin it has been between 17% - 18% (I couldn't find statistics on the underemployment rate for foreigners, however, I suspect that it is much higher than the average).

    With neither a degree in IT nor engineering it is very difficult to find any type of skilled work in Berlin. On the other hand, both Frankfurt and Zurich have many jobs in the finance sector that usually don't require German.

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    Hi everyone,

    If you are looking for jobs in Germany , please have a look at the

    It is a web site I am working at the moment and hope to be of help to those searching for jobs in Germany.

    Have a nice day !


  • Oren Korem

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    My German is pretty basic, but I understood that I can get along fine with English in Berlin (is that true?).
    I guess it can take a year or so. I'm aware it can be tough (but not, of course, how tough can it get).
    Even though I am a Polish citizen, I don't live in Poland. Actually, I don't even live in Europe.
    I already tried, Careerbuilder, and even Xing (joined them last week).
    Thanks for your efforts,

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    Hi, In my opinion its all depends on your German language skills & Your expectation in coming few months/years. Poland is not far. you can be present here for job interviews (which I think suites to employers). Berlin, Munich & Frankfurt could be good start.

    Visit or find some local job agencies in Berlin. then you can assess your situation better.

    But once again. Language is key :)

    Good luck

  • Oren Korem

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    I guess the refined question is - what's the best and cost effective way to find a job in Germany as a EU national ?

  • Gilda Richter

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    There are different ways.

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