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African american hairdresser in Mannheim?

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Hi All, I'm new and I hate to sound desperate, but I am looking for a good african american hairdresser in Mannheim. I don't even know where to begin looking. I'd love to become and active member and chat as well as improve my German, but right now a good hairdresser is my top concern:) I hope someone knows of someone! -Annabelle

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    hi american _rain !
    are u ever here ? i just arrived, if yes we can also stay in touch.
    for the african hairdressed i think there is one in Heidelberg in the Bergheimer strasse.

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    hi im african american and i do hair. i will be in mannhiem in feb yea a long way from now lol... we can stay in touch and talk when i get there.... have a noce day and good luck tell then.... maybe u can help me out... my first time out of the country so i do have alot of question.... lol

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    I don't know of any African Amercian hairdresser in Mannheim, but maybe you can simply ask at one of the Afro-shops which you find here:

    They should know. Cheers and have a good start!

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