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How is Hamburg for living?

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Well... looks like a got an offer to work in Hamburg. But now I'm wondering how Hamburg is for living - especially if you don't speak any German. Any advice??

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    Hi there, Hamburg is very expensive, I wouldn ´t like to pay the rent there, because of this I am living in Bremen. There are great possibilities in traveling daily

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    I like the "Stadtpark". You can go there for sport and music. I like it when there are concerts. I do not pay for a ticket, I just go in the park and search for a nice place for me, my friends and our staff. Yes Hamburg is really great.

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    Well I don't know what is it like to actually live in Hamburg, but I was there for 5 days break in August and I totally love the city. I was always fond of Germany anyway but Hamburg just charmed me and if I could I'd move there tomorrow!

    People there were friendly and helpful. My German isn't the best but I could get around the shops, restaurants etc. They always tried to talk to me in English but I explained that I'd like to practice my German if they wouldn't mind. And they didn't, they were very patient and even thought me some vocabulary.
    And the city itself is amazing. It's clean and green and busy but relaxed at the same time. And the architecture is breathtaking and cultural life is great!

    Sounds too good to be true? Maybe. After all I spent there only 5 days but I'm definitely coming back. Maybe for longer...

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    I spent some time in Hamburg in summer couple of years ago to study German and my impression of the city was very good. The museums, the parks, the cosmopolitan city... I think it is very nice place to stay!

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    Yes it is possible. Dove Elbe is a good place for this.

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    Souns like Hamburg is not the best place to go to in Germany? Is it difficult to get in contact with Germans? One very important question, I really enjoy going fishing... Is that possible in Hamburg?

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    Hamburg is a very nice and metropolitan city. Be aware however that the northern Germans seem a little "cold" to many foreigners. But there is a big Expat community as well, so you should be able to meet new people quickly.

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