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I though it would be a good idea to create this thread so everybody in the Frankfurt community can introduce themselves. As our community grows, this would also be a nice way for new members to get to know each other.

Tell us a little bit about yourself - why are you in Frankfurt, and what are you doing here? If you have any ideas on how we can make our community a lively place, also post them in here.

  • George English

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    I'm George, been in Frankfurt a week... I came from Moscow, was in Russia 8 years... would be nice to chat one day - so many lovely cafes and the weather is getting really nice now..

  • ANA M.

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    Hello people! I´m Anna, i´m in alone!! I would like to met people for coffee, drink or whatever, just have some fun and make new friends.My english is not perfect but i learn every day a little bit.

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    Busco a una amiga, se llama Rosa Ferreiro Perez, vive en Frankfurt, (cerca del aeropuerto) tiene una hija de cuatro años si alguien la conoce, por favor, contestarme. Rosi, si ves esto, quiero saber como estas.

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    Hey everyone!

    I just joined this site. I'm going to be moving to Frankfurt at the end of January for 6 months to be an au pair. I'm looking to meet some people to chat with and potentially meet up with when I get to Frankfurt! :-)

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    I just googled a while and have found this web and community. Well, I do not have any idea, how does it works here, but I would like to meet some people, from this pretty town. I will spend 4 months here because of workshadowing (in a company, which belogs to Deutsche Börse) and live in the centre in one nice hotel. I like taking pictures of women, so if anyone is interessted, just check and we can arrange a nice shooting outside. Have a nice day, everybody, but not that nice to make me envious of you :-))). V.

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    hi I´m from Spain, I moved here a few months ago to work. I would love to hang out with you guys, so if you are still up to please let me know!


  • Go to Margretta de Vries's profile

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    Hello, all,
    I am a Kansas native, hoping to be accepting a position in Frankfurt to be relocating there by the end of this year -- just waiting to hear back, at this point.

    Found this site while doing research, and thought it'd be great to do some networking and look for tips on moving in the meantime. And use the networking to keep looking if the offer falls through.

    Looking forward to getting to know folks, and see what happens!


  • Charles Varga

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    Hi, my name is Charly. I live about 15 min outside of frankfurt. Do you still live in Frankfurt? I've also been looking for a english speaking friend to hang out with and go to english movies with or shopping. Let me know if you're interested. Take care. -Charly

  • Sanni Kaija

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    Hey! I'm Sanni, just moved to Frankfurt area two weeks ago and looking for new friends. I currently work as an au-pair but have a degree in media, bachelor of media to be exact. Journalist at heart and have a passion for arts.

  • siri Bremen

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    Hey..this is shiresh from INDIA...i recently moved from Hamburg to Mainz and very often i come to Frankfurt to spend some time. looking forward to meet frankfurter's very soon......

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