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International schools in Frankfurt - any recommendations?

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I just moved to Frankfurt and am looking for an international school for my kids (9+13). They don't speak any German yet, just Spanish and a little bit of English, so I would need a school that works in one or both of these languages. Also, the school should have afternoon activities for the children. Any recommendations?

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    qué tal tu experiencia despues de 2 años? qué nos recomiendas con niños de 13-11-8-6 y 2 años que no hablan aleman?

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    yo tengo 5 niños:13-11-8-6 y 2 años y en un año nos desplazamos a vivir a Frankfurt. totalmente perdida con los colegios. no hablan aleman. podeis aconsejarme alguna opcion? mi marido ahora está viviendo alli.muchas gracias.

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    Hola Xavier,
    En breve estaré en el mismo caso que tú, sólo que mis hijos tienen 8 y 5... ¿que has averiguados sobre los colegios? En principio, me interesaría un colegio inglés...
    Gracias y saludos,

  • Carlos Frankfurter

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    Hola Xavi
    there is 2 International schools in Frankfurt, one in Oberursel
    and other one in Frankfurt-Sindlingen, the Third one is European School (international), I attached you some details and links;
    hasta pronto,
    member of the SABIS® School Network,
    An der Waldlust 15
    61440 Oberursel
    FIS and ISW Contact Information
    http://www.fisFIS and

    International School Wiesbaden ISW
    Europäische Schule Frankfurt
    Praunheimer Weg 126 • D-60439 Frankfurt am Main

  • Catalina Marquez

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    There's also a new international school called metropolitan school. this is what their website says:

    As an international school and preschool with German roots we offer English language education for currently 190 children from over 30 countries. The day runs predominantly in English, taught by native English speaking educators, with daily German lessons from Transition class (age 5) onwards.

    Don't know them personally but might be worth checking them out

  • Nadine Santos

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    Hi Xavier, I found this info on the web, you might want to have a look at these schools:

    Generally, you will encounter a public education system and quite a variety of private schools. Kindergarden normally starts at the age of 3 ("dry" child) and ends with the age of six, when the child is enrolled in the elementary school (Grundschule). Here the first issue comes up: The Grundschule which is going to take your child will be the one assigned to the district in which you live. As far as state schools (public schools) are concerned there is not much power of choice for those first four years of education. On the other hand if your child speaks the german language it will usually receive a very good basic education and the level of interest of the children in the class room activities and learning tasks at this age is very high.

    If your child needs an english, japanese, french speaking school you will be able to select from a variety of private International Schools for the first grades. In this case, however, you most likely will not have been enrolling your child in the public kindergarden but in the private school from the age of three.

    More information on the school system you can find on the website "How to Germany" in the section Education:
    (all external links will open in a separate window).
    See also the Frankfurt Expats site on schools which is quite comprehensive:
    A list of schools in Frankfurt you find on this website (our link leads you directly to the schools side):
    Please note that this site is in german. Here is to give you some orientation: If you scroll down the site it will come up with the schools list and in this list will show for each school which are the additional languages taught. It is important to know that only a few state schools take native english speaking children.

    List of International schools in and near Frankfurt with links to their websites:
    Following is the list of links that lead you to the International Schools in and around Frankfurt:

    Frankfurt International School (FIS)
    The Frankfurt International School is located in Oberursel which is about 30 min drive from downtown Frankfurt. Language of instruction is English. Students from over 50 Nations are receiving education from Elementary school level up to High School degree. Many activities in sports, nature, music and other practical subjects.

    International School of Frankfurt (ISF)
    The International School of Frankfurt takes children from kindergarden age up to university maturity. Its location about 10 minutes from the Frankfurt International Airport at its own campus is easily reachable from all parts of the area, be that Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, or any of the northern or western cities.

    Taunus International Montessori School
    The Taunus International Montessori School is for children at kindergarden age offering English-language Montessori schooling (with German language instruction as a standard feature) in small classes (max. 17 students) with trained Montessori teachers.

    Rhein Main International Montessori School
    The newly opened Rhein Main International Montessori School takes students from 5th grade and is a bilingual Gymnasium. The school is located in Friedrichsdorf/Taunus about 35 minutes from Frankfurt. Its website is in germany, though.

    International Bilingual Montessori School
    The International Bilingual Montessori School in Frankfurt Westend takes children from infants age to Primary school and educates in two languages, german and english.

    European School Frankfurt (ESF)
    The European School of Frankfurt is a school of the European Community which is mainly for the children of the staff of the European Central Bank (ECB). The website directs to the contact possibilities.

    French School
    This is the École française de Francfort in Roedelheim.

    The Goethegymnamsium in Westend Frankfurt is supposedly also teaching in english. Unfortunately we could not locate a working website from them. Here are the contact details:
    Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 22
    60325 Frankfurt am Main
    Tel. 069 - 21 23 35 25
    Fax 069 - 21 23 07 17

    Japanese School:

    Japanische Internationale Schule Frankfurt am Main
    Langweidenstraße 8-12 60488
    Frankfurt an Main
    069 780981/ 780982
    The language is Japanese.

  • Gabriela Zafira

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    Hi Xavier! You might want to try out the international Erasmus school in Frankfurt: They have classes in English, Spanish and German and many extracurricular activities

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