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    Hi Gonzalo,

    I am not aware of contracts which run only 1 year. So I would tend towards a prepaid card - which is slightly more expensive per call, but offers more flexibility in terms of contract time. :-)

    Originally I was about to suggest "BLAU", since they offer Germay-wide calls as well as SMS at 9 cent. However, your calls to Spain make it a little more difficult.

    However, I had been looking at the website http://www.teltarif.de and tried to generate a profile (http://www.teltarif.de/mobilfunk/profil.html). Then I found http://www.solomo.de/ who offer calls to Spain from 9 cent PLUS Germany calls at 8 cent plus calls to mobile Germany phones at 12 cent with their Pro Tariff (https://www.solomo.de:443/solomo.de/documents/Preisliste_so
    lomo_Tarif_Pro.pdf). Sounds reasonable - however, if there were not those Spain calls you could go for the normal tariff (0-8-5) which offers substantially lower rates to German mobile phones....

    It very much depends on your specific behaviour. If, for instance, you would not always use your mobile for doing German calls, some flat rates of Internet providers come into the game...

    The market has become so difficult to understand.... but I guess that is the idea to asvoid people moving their money from one brand to another. :-)

    Let me know what you have been going for...

    All the best


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