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Americans in Wiesbaden

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Hi everybody! I think this community will be great once there are more people. I would like to know whether there are any other Americans from Wiesbaden, if so it would be great if you could introduce yourself in this thread.

  • LehrCare GmbH

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    Are you open to different cultural, religious and political viewpoints? Are you interested in the implementation of new pedagogical approaches? Are you also highly motivated to encourage children to take personal initiative and to learn in a team? Then we are looking for you!

    Immersion teachers / classroom-assistants (m/f)
    Reference number 11AÜ

    Your tasks:
    You take on the English-speaking part of the teaching. You assist the class teacher in the preparation and implementation of the lessons and are responsible for giving subject-based lessons when necessary. You will also supervise the challenging afternoon and holiday program of the school and accompany the pupils on their visits to places of extracurricular learning.

    The school:
    The school, situated in the Rhein-Main area, west of Frankfurt, is a German-English bilingual inclusive all-day primary school with a reform pedagogic orientation, in which pupils of mixed ages learn interdisciplinarily according to the latest findings of research on learning.

    We offer you:
    - an indefinite permanent position in part-time (30 clock hours per week)
    - remuneration analogous to TVL (pay scale for public service)
    - team-oriented work
    - good facilities
    - two teachers in the classroom

    We expect:
    - a 1st and / or 2nd state examination, a foreign teaching qualification or another kind of certificate in education (degree or Master)
    - relevant experience with children in primary education
    - interest in innovative pedagogy
    - English skills at an advanced level

    As recruiters we have been working successfully for school and pre-school educational institutions since 2007. We provide educational institutions nationwide with educational specialist and management personnel and employ you directly if the client so wishes. You will receive the same conditions as if you were employed directly by the client.

    Have we aroused your interest?
    Then we look forward to your comprehensive documents which we obviously treat absolutely confidentially. Your application can be sent, quoting reference number 11 AÜ, preferably by e-mail ([...]) to Dr. Jörg Köbke, who will be pleased to offer any further information.

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    are you still in Frankfurt?if you are i would be interested in how much is rent,food,electricity etc per month.And with health care service?thank you sooooo much.Have a nice day.

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    i will move to Wiesbaden (my husband works there) and i want to ask you if you know anybody who has an apartment with two bedrooms for rent.I don't speak german only english(i am romanian)so it is very hard for me to find something and speak on the phone in german :) And also please if you have any sugestions it would be great.Thank you for understanding.Have a nice day.

  • Michael Thomas

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    Hello everybody! i just moved to Wiesbaden from Munich where I lived for 15 years. I am originally from Florida. I moved because of work and I don't know a soul here, so any chance to meet people would be nice.

    Anybody planning anything fun let me know!

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    I am definitely interested in meeting Americans locally. I arrived in August and am looking for work post graduation so networking is where its at!

    If you have any advice\ tips...dont hesitate to tell me or if you just wanna grab coffee and cake, that is cool too.


  • Stephanie Ann Fischer

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    well i live in frankfurt, but can come to wiesbaden by train.
    so whats up in wiesbaden?
    take care, steph

  • Jason Myszynski

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    OK, I'll be your friend. What brings you to Wiesbaden? Where in Texas are you from?

  • teresa jason

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    i just moved to wiesbaden from texas . looking for new friends

  • Americans in Wiesbaden and Mainz on Facebook

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    I started a new facebook page called Americans in Wiesbaden which is in fact open to all interested nationalities. You will find it if you search on Facebook for Americans in Wiesbaden.
    I have described what its purpose is on the page on facebook.

    Hope to see you all later :)

  • Jason Myszynski

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    Fun and cheap...Perfect! :)

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