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Any English native speakers in Wiesbaden?

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Hi there,

I'd love to brush up my English again. Hence I am looking for people who would like to meet up for a beer or a dinner in Wiesbaden, Mainz or Frankfurt, exchanging views on Germany, telling me also something about your home country and the like.

Or is there an English-German Circle where I could join?

Looking forward to hearing fom you!


  • Martin Mzmann

    posted by  in Wiesbaden forum 

    ... my German is OK. :-)

    Hi Grace,

    how could that work? You tell me something in German and I answer in English? :-) But generally speaking I would be interested to give it a try. If you don't mind...

    From which part of the States are you? And how long have you been here?

    All the best from Mainz


  • Go to Grace Foster's profile

    posted by  in Wiesbaden forum 

    Hi! I am currently living in Niedernhausen. I have been living in Germany a while, however I just havent had an opportunity to pick up the language. Perhaps either of you can help me with German and I can help out with English! More than anything I am trying to meet some new people in town. Let me know!

    - Grace

  • Martin Mzmann

    posted by  in Wiesbaden forum 

    ... the only English-speaking people in Wiesbaden. :-)

    And thought there is a complete airbase here. *laugh*



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