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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sean Michael Bips.

I am the Global Accounts Manager for all meeting planning and hotel group business consulting for the company HelmsBriscoe.

I am based in Wiesbaden Germany, however I book meetings and accommodations around the world for my clients.

We help our clients streamline the process and deliver a successful event anywhere in the world. We research, evaluate, and present the ideal venue based on our clients specific needs. HelmsBriscoe has a global reach with Associates spanning over 35 countries around the globe and each bringing over 10 years of hospitality experience.

Because HelmsBriscoe is global, we are given special rates that we can pass onto our clients. We enjoy more hotel partnerships than any other third party group in the industry with every major hotel chain. There is no need to budget for HB's site selection services because there is no charge for what we do. We are compensated with a placement fee paid by the hotel when our client books a particular property.

Among my responsibilities is business development in the European market and as a 10 year veteran in Hospitality Management, who better to understand the value of the services we provide to corporations looking to streamline their venue search and contracting globally with our 1200 associates in 40 countries. I noticed that your venue is not currently taking advantage of HelmsBriscoe services in Europe. I am confident that we could help you out while saving valuable time and resources for your team.

I have included some links if you are curious about the my company (below), or if you would like I can always provide you more detailed information.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and select the best location, at the best price, with the most favorable contract terms.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you could provide me in contacting your meeting and events lead. Take care and please let me know if there is any assistance I can provide you in the future.

Would you like to try my services?

Warmest regards,
Sean Michael Bips
Manager, Global Accounts
TEL: + 49 (0) 163-7777616
FAX: + 27 (0) 867-627062
SKYPE: sbips9
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