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Moving to Cologne from UK

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Hi Everybody,

I am planning on moving to Cologne early 2014 from the UK, and would love some advice and/or friends who live there.

Thanks, Sarah

  • Henry Hörder

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    Hi Sarah

    Moving to Cologne beginning of 2014 is a very good idea. From Thursday 27th of February to Wednesday 05th March 2014 is the Cologne carnival. That is the best time to learn to know new people and find friends. Everybody is in party mood; all pubs are full till they burst. Germans go wild in that time. With my best friend from UK I went there and Cologne carnival destroyed all her bad prejudices about bad tempered Germans. Of course I send her back before carnival was over so she never learned to know Germans when carnival is over ;-)
    At the moment it is quite complicated to get cheap apartments since Germany is trying to survive a school reform. Most states have changed from 13 years high school exam to 12 years. This means that all university cities are flooded by students. Cologne has a large university so many students are looking for cheap apartments. If you need an apartment best is to check
    If there is anything I can do to help you do not hesitate to send me a email. I am living not far from Cologne.

    Best regards


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