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Looking for a GOOD General or Family Doctor

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Hello everyone, I'm here for 4 years and the experience with Doctors were so terrible, I just found an Homeopathic Doctor in Frankfurt am Main, but we moved to NRW and I can see her any more, just wen is a very terrible situation. I went to 5 different Family Doctors, just in Düsseldorf, Krefeld and Tönisvorst, but all of them are so bad, they never know what I have. I went to see 8 different Orthopedic Doctors and they didn't find nothing in my leg. Now I have something in my skin and I went to a Dermatologic Doctor and of course she didn't see nothing, I just have some lotion to make less the scratching. I'm so sad about it and I'm looking for some help. PLEASE

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    Not sure if u are in Krefeld or Düsseldorf (or even T/vorst) but for a family doctor u can try Dr. med. Dirk Kraues at

    I use his services...have been doing so for the past three years. On Jameda (a doctors reference site)...he is one of the top 10 doctors. If he thinks you need a specialist he will refer you to one. He speaks some English but if u speak German, then its even better. There is also proper parking available at this praxis if u happen to drive.

    See Jameda here

    On another note.....this is not an individual doctors office (actually a hospital) but see

    I have used their services for more than 1 or 2 or 3 issues (Orthopedic excluded) and i have found them to be quiet thorough and professional therefore I have no doubt that they would be any different in the area that you seek some help in.

    If you have not already found a soln. hope you will have some better luck from this info.


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