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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in Germany? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the Germany community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in Germany!

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    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hi, I just joined this comunity, I am from Romania, looking for a job for me and my boyfriend in Germany.

  • mary grace garcia

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    can we be friends? Ich bin mary grace garcia. Ich komme von den Philippinen. Ich bin 24 jahre alt. Ich will mein Deutsch verbessern. können sie mir helfen? danke.

    viele grüße


  • mary grace garcia

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    ich will mein deutsch verbessern. können sie mir helfen? dankeschön.!!
    Meine adresse ist der schülinstrs.27 89073 Ulm Germany.
    viele grüße


  • Tav N

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hi, I am a New Yorker living in Berlin for a while on sabbatical.


  • lin days

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hello to all,
    I registered here with the intention of making friends, improving my german language (i am a beginner) finding about job oportunities in health domain, and generally, to expand my horizont. I'm opened to suggestions how to learn german online: sites, programs that others have tried, books.

  • posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    HI all
    I'm Walid from Egypt , I don't live in Germany but I'm interested in the German Culture , I'm here to know new people and to have friends ,

    Im new to just landed , I came across the site while surfing the net but it seems interesting and good for discussion and knowing about culture and countries ,
    I hope we can have a lot of ,

    I love Music, travelling , and having new Friends
    have FUN

    Cheeers !!!

  • Renato Fontes Tapia

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 


    My name is Renato Fontes and I'm currently living in Erfurt, Germany.
    Anyone want to hang out or something?

    I'm from México and I'm gonna be living in here until the end of February 2010...

    I don't speak German (yet), but I do speak English and Spanish.

    Send me a message or something ;)

  • Nico Der Zauberer


    posted by  Nico Der Zauberer in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hi at all,

    my Name is Nico and I'm living in the Northwest of Germany in the near of the North See. As a Geographer, Haircutter (I've got female customers for short-hair-constructions in the whole Europe) and professionell Tourist Guide I hope, I can help you in a lot of Terms. And I'm looking for a lot of new friends from all over the world.


  • Lucy T.

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    hi guys im Lucy from Chile,a beautiful country,awesome sightseeing and a variety of weathers,food,people,etc

    I'm getting married with my German fiance next year April or May,it all depends how much it takes for the visa to be processed on my ends.Been in Germany before,great place to visit and learn the language,but i NEVER thought i would fell in love with a German,it just happened! i joined this forum to exchange experiences with everybody and make new friends from different countries!!

    I'm also learning German and i didn't thought i would enjoy the learning experience this much,I love languages,I'm an English/Spanish teacher here in Santiago,the capital of Chile,also speak some Portuguese.lived in Argentina for almost a year and waiting to go back to Buenos Aires to check on my mates before I leave my loved Latin America...♥♥♥



  • Sergey Sakhnov

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    I am Sergey, come originally from Wolgograd, Russia and have lived for about 8 years in Dortmund. Currently I am uneployed because of financial crisis and finish an English course at the Wold Street Institute in Dortmund.

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