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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in Germany? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the Germany community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in Germany!

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    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hello Everyone
    I am from India, currently working for Siemens. I am planning to do my masters in Germany next year(2010) in the field of Automotive engineering. I am currently learning German in India. I am looking forward to getting admits from university of Esslingen or Ingolstadt. Anyone here from these 2 univs?? would be a pleasure to know them...
    Untill next time....bye and everyone have a great time..

  • Carlos Frankfurter

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    hi everybody, welcome to germany.
    to enjoy your day and to support the cold weather you need to find nice places and find the right people.
    each city has it´s own flavour and depends on which city you are!!!
    I live in Frankfurt and is very pretty for fun, you will love it..!

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    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 


    Im from Venezuela and im in the college studing "modern lenguages" (a month ago). im inteseted in knew friends who could help me in English and German. Oh im new in the community. Xd

    Bye, adiós und tschüs!

  • Benedicta Bartl

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hi, welcome in Germany. Whishing you much joy, good work and many friends.


  • Mily SP

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hola a todos. Hello everyone: As many of you probably, I am new in this page so I wanted to introduce myself. I am not sure if I should write in spanish, englisch or deutsch, well I am living in Germany for one year and definitly my german is not that good. Anyhow, wish everyone is doing great and we can meet people in this page, regards.

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    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Thank you Carlos. You are total right!!

    Enjoy everyting you have!!. I´m glad to meet you in this Website.

    Best Regards

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    Hi , my name is Patricia Guerra. I´m new in this community, so I decided first to introduce myself. I have been in Germany during years 1999 and 2000. I love Germany and now I live in Ecuador, Quito. I work at the German School Quito. I love Ecuador, also, is my birthplace. I also am a Real estate Agent , in my free time.
    I´m here to help you and give some Information about my beautiful country and to learn more about Germany sharing mine and yours experiences.

    Hi,meine Name ist Patricia Guerra. Ich bin new in dieser Gemeinschaft und deswegen habe ich mich entschieden um mich vorzustellen.Ich war in Deutschland in Jahren 1999 und 2000 gewesen. Ich liebe Deutschland und jetzt wohne ich in Ecuador. Ich arbeite in der Deutsche Schule Quito. Ich liebe Ecuador auch, es ist mein Geburtsland.In meiner freier Zeit arbeite ich als Inmobilienagent.Ich bin hier, um zu helfen, ich kann Information über mein schönes Land geben, und ich möchte über Deutschland mehr lernen, dafür sind eure Erfahrung da sehr wervoll für mich.

  • Carlos Frankfurter

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hola Patricia
    welcome to Alemania (Deutschland), lot of nice cities and small towns, Appfelweine, Glühweine and Punch, a typical and known drinks specially on winter time.. you will love it :-))
    I live in Frankfurt, nice and beautiful, full of latinos which will make your life little by little easier to learn and understand the german life and habits. ofcourse to get more out and not get buried in longs winter days ;-))

    hasta luego, ciao..!

  • Patricia B.

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hi There!

    Just joined Just Landed :) Loving the German Community.

    I'm Patricia, from Argentina, and I married a German guy (Sebastian) only 1 1/2 month ago! we're so very happy and now thinking of next year moving to Germany and settle there as a family. We're trying now to build bases, I am very excited about this idea, I like the german culture and environment very much, had the chance to be there for some time earlier this year and met, through my husband, lots of very nice people.

    So, if anyone has any piece of advice, comments that you can share and that could be useful or even ideas of where/how to find a job (for me, of course!), messages are more than welcome :)

    Thanks so much and look forward to meeting nice people thru Just Landed!

    All the best,


  • Carlos Frankfurter

    posted by  in Düsseldorf forum 

    Hi friends,
    welcome to germany, if someone comming to frankfurt will be great.!!
    very nice, small city and main financial city of germany. full of beautiful places to hang on for work, study and fun ;-))

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