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Met people in mainz!

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hello people,

My name ist oscar, i´m mexican and i moved to mainz to work at Opel in Rüsselsheim on this march.
I would like to know people, latin or no latin, anyway, important is met new people!
Unfortunately i dont know anybody, just the people of the work (they are so old and dont live in mainz)

So, if you are in the same case of me, we can organize a meeting to drink a few beers and tequilas!

Best regards!


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    My name is Rasa and I actually live in Frankenthal, outside of Mannheim currently doing an internship here. I would love to get together as well and meet for drinks, no tequila though, please!! I speak Spanish as well, so I could practice my Spanish with you.

    Anyways, send me a message.


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