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Hope full Relocation to Gibraltar

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My family and I are hoping to move from the UK to Gibraltar within the next 18 months, in time for my daughter to start school at 12.. We were married in Gibraltar in 2009 and my husbands great grandfather used to be they Key holder to the rock of Gibraltar .. We fell in love with place on our first visit and knew then we would love to live there.

I have been searching through moving to Gibraltar related websites for step by step guides and they are not very informative. CAN ANYBODY HELP??

What should we do first now the decision to move has been made .. do we just tie up loose ends bring all the money we have and just make a go of it or should we find work first., applying for ID cards and permits etc etc.. its just all so confusing !!! My husband works in telecommunications and I could do almost anything however I am a highly qualified hairdresser but at the moment I manage a sheltered housing estate for the elderly, though I wouldn't mind local shop work, anything really.
I'm certain that we should rent for the 1st 6 months of living in Gibraltar and then maybe looking into buying so I guess its just getting enough information about how we go about the move and knowing all the legals, paperwork and the like.

II would love to know about your experiences when making your move, and any information on offer would also be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Jessica im sorry i cant help you at all but i'm very interested in how it all goes for you as we too have been pondering on a move in the future, its just all talk for us at the moment but you are the only person i can see that i can relate to. My husband is in the same kind of work as yours, i am a stay at home mum with another child on the way so the time is not yet right for us but with so much to think about i would love to see how things work out with you.
    All the best of luck and i hope you can find some one to help you out.

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