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Buying Greece Property

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Currently, Greece property prices are relatively low compared to those in some other European countries, which makes Greece very attractive for capital investment. Moreover, Greek living standards are much higher than, in Bulgaria or in Montenegro, while the crime rate is extremely low. Main benefits of buying a property and residing in Greece are: safety and serenity, rich history and ancient monuments, warm mediterranean climate and locals speak fluent English.

Foreign investors can apply for the Greece Residence Permit (Greece Golden Visa), which allows Greece permanent residence, in a European country. To be eligible for High Net Worth Immigration to Greece, Investors just need to buy a property valued at 250,000 Euros, and they can include their family members and dependents in the application.

Greece Regions very popular with foreign property buyers include:

1. Attica Region - Athens

2. Northern Greece (Western, Northern and Eastern Macedonia) - Thessaloniki

3. Central Greece and Thessaly - Delphi and Parnas mountain region

4. Peloponnese region - Arcadia and Argolida

5. Crete Island region - Chania

6. Ionic Islands region - Corfu

7. Aegean Islands region - Santorini

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