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Chinese people resident permit in Greece

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I have been told that Chinese people can live in Greece and obtain permanent residency, with ease, unlike other non-EU nationalities that face many difficulties.
I have not checked this information officially, but I think that maybe China has special treatment in European countries and Greece, because it is the biggest nation on the planet, with special importance.
I have also heard that several bilateral agreements exist, between EU/Greece and China, so that Chinese people can come to Greece and stay in country as long as they want.

Personally, I have seen many Chinese people around, and I almost sure that it is impossible that all these are not registered as workers or with any family relation with Greek nationals. I don't' think that they are illegal immigrants too.

So, my question is, if the information above is true.
How it can be done?
Can a Chinese friend of mine, come to Greece and obtain permanent residency after some years living here?
I can guarantee support if this is required.
So can a Chinese friend of mine come here with an invitation from me, without any other requirement, relying on Chinese origin & bilateral agreements?

Can somebody enlighten this topic, about the related procedures and practical aspects?

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