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Hi everyone. I am writing and editing for Just Landed's new blog on expat finance, Expat Wealth. Are expats living in Greece worried about money, given the current political situation? Has anyone taken steps to move money out of the country--or to hedge against the risk of a collapse in the Greek economy?

Also interested in general thoughts--is Greece better off out of the Eurozone? Are expats?

I'd like to use your responses in a post on how expats are reacting to the debt crisis.

Look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

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    In general I would say that only people living in Athens and Thessaloniki are hugely affected by the crisis. In the rest of the areas in Greece there are economic problems but still manageable.

    People in big cities certainly have problems due to the economic crisis. Then people in isolated, non-touristic places have problems. BUT in areas where there is some tourism the crisis isn't that obvious yet.

    Everyone is discussing about sending money out of Greece but very few have done it. I'd say that Greece would be in a less tragic condition if taken out of the Eurozone and left to deal with its own problems. But that is my opinion and rather extreme I believe today. Still more and more people are starting to openly express their discomfort of having no power over the decisions made about their own country.

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