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Learn Greek to live there

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I am French and I am 28 years old. I plan to go to Athens for living. I lived there 4 years ago and I loved it!
I don't speak greek very well, that's why I want to go there for about 3 weeks-1 month this summer to take greek courses.
I don't know yet if I will go to Athens or in islands.
Do you know a school where I can take lessons?

Thanks in advance!!!

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    hi wondered if anyone can help regarding visas work etc in sidari my husband and i plan to move there nxt yr 2013 need as much info as possible regarding this thanks in advance .janet

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    Si tu deside de reste a Athene tu est le bien venu chez moi ;-) j ai une cambre a te loue



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    I have on the cards in july to come to greece . I have not spoken this language or been tought this language. I hope to be welcomed if i diced to have a two week break for the olympics, happening in london.

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    posted by  in Greece forum take a look in this page . use google translator.
    athens university gives lessons for foreighners. if you need something or you dont understand end me a message.

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    Thank you but I prefer to go to school to know people. Do you know if in this kind of school there are only old aged people?
    I plan to go to Athens, Syros or Chania in Crete

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    i can give you some mails of greek teachers

  • posted by  in Greece forum these courses are from the University of Athens. I think the courses+the exam are about 200 euros. I took only the exam so I can't personally testify as to how good the courses are, but a friend of mine spent a year there and she was very happy with the results.

    I have also heard of a school at the center of Athens where courses cost about 30-50 euros, but I don't have much info on it...

    Many private language schools offer Greek lessons for foreigners, but they are more expensive than the two I told you about and I believe the results are the same.

    If you have trouble researching yourself, I can help you with finding information that is only available in Greek :)

    I believe on the bigger islands like Crete or Cyprus it will be easier to find a Greek tutor.

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