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Looking for a job -summer 2012

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hello everyone,
i can't wait to come to that beautiful and enchanting place!! for some months..i 'm looking for a job for next summer, from July till September in Kefalonia or Athens.
Is ok also as baby-sitter (have a long experience), as travel guide, waitress, hostess, hotel reception, on the beach.
If u have something to suggest me, please let me know and i ll send you all my info. Efharisto poli.

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    if anyone of you will know something about any job...from september on....(in order to work in Greece after summe)...can you let me know about that?...thank you very much....

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    hey guys i will start to work in a malty national stock marquet company and they have jobs for fr and it lang when you will be in Athens lets meet to fix you the job i have also a room for rent

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    I am French and I will be in Greece for modern greek summer courses (I don't yet where maybe Crete or Athens).

    Did you find a job? Did you try holidays clubs?

    I love this country (I lived in Athens few months). And you, how did you discover it?

    I would be happy to meet for a drink if we are at the same place this summer.

    Good luck!!

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    ar u interest to work in greek restarant in Crete ?
    bye 4nw

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    thanks for you reply...but i m not interested very much in that kind of work.


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