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New Greek Souvenir!

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Hi! :)

I study design in the Netherlands and I'm currently working on a research project on souvenirs! (Focusing on the city of Athens.)

Souvenirs not only lack true value, there's a big chance your holiday relic has been made somewhere else!

I would love to design a modern souvenir of Athens; one that does the city justice!

What objects should I think of? Materials? Naturally a culture is formed through history, but what modern representations would contribute?

Any help would be very much appreciated! :D
Have a good day,

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    Hey Lyds! I hope im not too late in replying to your question about your research project ! I am greek and i can really help you out since I really enjoy shopping, especially for vintage souvenirs!
    Here is a list of things you can consider as traditional Greek souvenirs:

    Food related (souvlaki, moussaka, etc.)
    History related objects. For example, a miniature of acropolis or the temple of Poseidon, etc.
    Fridge magnets! (its quite big here in Greece to buy fridge magnets for each other that came from our islands)

    In any case you can also visit and see really what is going on in Greece so you can better choose the souvenirs you like to include in your research paper!

    Hope i helped, let me know if you have any questions !


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