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    Hi to all,

    Indeed finding a bar/restaurant job for an island will be much harder through internet.
    The story goes like this : you visit the island you target aroung March-April. You visit the varius bars/hotels/restaurants and negotiate with the owners. Some negotiate from mainland,though you need to know the right persons.
    Accomodation usally is being offered by the owners but not always. It's part of the negotiation.
    About the insurance,that is kind diversed. Big installments will offer you(they want no problems with the authourities. Smalle might not. Though there are no penalties for you in case the employers doesn't insurance you. The penalty is for the employer and only. Though it's always good to have some medical insurance.

    In case the accomodation is not in the deal, you should always rent a place immediatly and for the whole season .Its' much much cheaper.

    My old roomate used to work as a barman in summer island so all the info comes from him.
    I also see from your photo that you have been in Santorini so i guess you knoe that you need some kind of transportation

    Hope it helps, cheers!

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