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    jobs in santorini

    posted by  Janet Darbey in Greece forum 

    Hi. I would say research working in Greece on the internet. It may not be as easy as you think. You will have to get work permits to work in Greece as someone from outside the EU. Jobs are short and will probably go to Greek workers and EU citizens first. For some jobs you have to get medical tests done just to get the work permit.

    It would be easiest to get work via the internet before you go. That way you can find out if the hotel or tourism office is going to help you get the paperwork. You have to have national insurance here and it is expensive. There is paperwork involved in staying here and working here even if you come from the EU. Make sure your employer is going to pay your ika and do the paperwork as there are huge penalties for not doing them if you get caught.

    Accomodation depends on the employer, sometimes it is shared with other workers so it might be difficult to find for a couple. Also some employers will not take on a couple to work together. Accomodation can be very expensive in Greece at the height of the season unless it is very basic indeed. Hope this helps!

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