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    Hi to all,
    I read your post and i have to say that i agree with Rob until a certain point. Yes, everywhere is tough at this period but you have to put some extra for Greece. It's kinda tough at the moment. We have the biggest unemployment rates in Europe and people are losing their jobs or having cuts at their salaries.
    Of course, that does not mean that it's impossible. What is your field? Where exactly you want to go and live?

    I would suggest using your language bonus as a weapon. Check for any Danish corporations in Greece. There are some. I have a Danish friend who lives in Athens for eight months now and he is having a great time.

    About your question if its worthy to wait my answer is no. Things will be the same for many years. Unless you want to wait for five or more years.

    If you want to share more info i would be happy to help you with any knowledge i may have.

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