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    My friend Rob,
    I'm fine and i really hope yoy are doing fine too.

    I know what you are talking about. The crisis is global. It's just Greece is basically bunkrupt. People lose their jobs not because companies are trying to reduce their working costs but because they are closing. And the worst are the banks. No cash for anyone. I try to be optimist but....

    You see, there might be a crisis around but try to send some cv here and you will be lucky to get an asnwer with "we are sorry, no". People get more positive reactions from abroad.

    But then again, i am of the theory that if you really want it you can get it. There are oportunities everywhere but you have to look for them.

    As for the Danes being the happiest nation i read it too. I also went to Copenhagen 2 months ago. I had a great time and i was impressed with the quality of life.
    But my Danish friend told me that the suicide rates are extremely high and that there are other theories about their happiness.

    In any case,if Pernille wants any more information we are here to gladly share!


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