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What are greece people really think abut germany?

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Hey guys,

Nowadays it's hardly to open a newspaper without reading something about how greece hate the germans because of the finacial crisis. I know there are a few who make signs with hitler and say germans are nazis and other stuff but is this really what most of the people think?

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    The money to purchase these weapons is supplied by bank loans which come from the same countries which are supplying the arms, including the US, Germany and France.

    More here

  • angeliki papa

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    i live 3 years in germany with my german boyfriend i have too tell only this the germany at least have nice politik.anyway my english isnt that good and my german also but i live in 1 great country.the only think i have too worry its my family...

  • Kostas Kotsialos

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    you need to luck common sense to "hate" the German people, or anyone else based on their nationality. Yet, there are many people like that.

    I do not hang out with such people here in Greece. The same goes for anyone that tries to evaluate me from my nationality.

  • Mathias D.

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    Thank you very much guys for your opinion!

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    I'm a very well educated unemployed youth, most of my friends are also unemployed and I've never seen anyone say that they hate Germans, or that Germans are nazis. The signs with hitler are sometimes used as humor, but it was even used before the crisis to indicate someone is a facist, and make fun of the situation. Yes greek humor can also be black. Some even make paintings of the prime minister Papandreou as a Hitler. What I have become to understand is that most people hate it, when German businessmen think they can buy Greek business and land very cheap. That's what I'm experiencing anyway.

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    It varies. Some people admire your politics for fighting for the good of their country. We wish we had such politics fighting for the good of Greece.

    But there are many people, especially these who like the old-and-current corrupted Greece (with the huge public sector where people are paid for doing nothing) that seek excuses and blame others (in that case, Germany).

    But, let me tell you this. Many people who work hardly in private companies (and a few in public sector) really want the public sector to shrink, they do want to work but at the same time they want to get paid equally, to have functional and fair public services, good schools, good hospitals, etc.

    In other words, those who are used to do nothing and get paid hate Germany, the rest who work hard want a better Greece but our politicians are not eager to change Greece towards fairness because their power depends directly on the lack of justice and meritocracy.

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