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Why are Greeks so shy in front of strangers?

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There is one thing that I found quite weird in Greece - I always thought that Greeks are very friendly and welcoming, but then I found out that at first, they are always ignoring you and you are the one who has to do the first move. And just after that they suddenly turn friendly. Why is that? I didn't expect Greeks to be shy to talk to strangers!

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  • Husa Hitch

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    umm intresting . im going soon in the next of july so exiting to see how will turns .

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    I live in Thessaloniki city and so far I did not find my Greek friends "SHY". I can say they were a bit apprehensive to talk to me because I'm Asian. But later on as we converse more, they told me that they are actually VERY curious about Asians, but don't know how to approach them. I asked them if they'll feel thesame way with other non-Balkan foreigners. And they said: they know them very well, there's nothing to be shy to approach them unless they are drunk. These are 20-30 years old people I talked to.

    Also I want to mention that there are a few Greek old men that approached me in hope to date an Asian. Even flirted aggressively. It is very funny! That's why with my experience, I cannot say that Greeks are shy. :D

  • Kostas Kotsialos

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    @ Gaelle,


    The fact is that you are right. I am reffering only at the beginning of a meeting. After that i think that most of us return to the stereotypes you are talking about

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    Hi all,

    this is very interesting to hear, I wouldn't expect Greeks to be like this! I guess it's because I assumed that all the mediteranian nations are more outgoing and generally easier to create friendships than, say people from Central Europe, that seem to have much bigger "personal bubble" around them and are rather distant to strangers for a long time!


  • Kostas Kotsialos

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    It's funny because i had this conversation with a Danish friend of mine two days ago.
    I guess there are many theories about that.

    What i believe is that we learn from little age that people around you might try to trick you for their gain. It may sound strange but it happens. I think it's the whole Balcan area like that. That is why many people from here think people from northern European countries are naive and easy to trust.

    That, of course, is my opinion and i might be completely wrong


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