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giving birth in Greece

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Hello there,
I am new to this forum and have lots of questions, but my first question is about giving birth in a Greek hospital. IASO and MITERA are two private hospitals that seem highly recommended, and I was wondering if they accept CIGNA insurance. I know this is a very specific question so you may not have the answer to it, but I am worried about where to go to give birth because C-sections seem very common in Greece and I do NOT want a C-section unless it's absolutely necessary!
Thanks in advance.

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    thank you

    posted by  Nana Banana in Greece forum 

    Thank you for all of your advice!

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    I gave birth six days ago at Alexandra teaching hospital in Athens and I cannot praise the hospital enough. Everybody spoke English. I really felt that all the staff cared about both the baby and me and we received the best care possible. What I didn't expect was such a focus on breast feeding. I was given so much support and encouragement with breast feeding. All in all, this was a wonderful experience for me and i would definitely have my next baby at this hospital.

    Almost everything was covered by my insurance and eventually, we had to pay just €57.

  • kerri hammond

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    Both these hospitals are very good but also very expensive, not sure about your insurance and if it covers it. C section is very common in greece I think because it cost more money and easier for the doctor, a lot of doctors will say you are having a cx section without you even going into labour but just because the baby is big, dont get pulled into this, my babies was 4 kilos and I gave birth with no pain relieve and no c section, just a lot of breathing and I gave birth in a clinic in a small down and got the same treatment so look around. Also it does depent on your doctor as you have to give birth the hospital the doctor is at.

  • Emma J

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    My friend gave birth naturally in Greece, but said they don't provide you with any pads after, so I would go in fully stocked! Good luck with your pregnancy!

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    Thank you.

  • Kostas Kotsialos

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    I have no answer about your insurance,but i suggest you contact them and ask. I can tell you, about MITERA hospital. A friend of mine gave birth to a wonderfull child there. Great hospital, with nice services. Kind of expensive i think, though.

    As for the c-section, yes it's common here, but it's always up to you. It's your decision, except there is no other way.

    Hope it helps.

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