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just landed in Kallithea

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hi I'm from Rome, 35 years old male just landed in Athens to work in a call center. I lived in Britain and English is my second language.

I'm looking for a room... from middle of August! near Moschato/ Kallithea.

my number +30 6906053148

i'm going to the beach today with some couchsurfers if anyone wants to join...

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    Th greece

    posted by  valentina toralbo in Greece forum 

    Hi guys,
    I come from Italy, I had two interviews by Skype more then 10 days ago I already did the online test but I'm still waiting for more information about my application. The girl that did to me the interview and sent the test told me to wait few days for an answer. I tried to contact her by skype again but until now I didn't receive any confirmation.
    For the people that work there.. Someone could give me an email or something information to contact the company?

    I want that job and without an answer I don't understand if i can still hope to get the job

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    Teleperformance hellas

    posted by  Italian boy in Greece forum 

    Hello everybody,
    just applied for a job in Athens at TP. They asked me for a criminal record check, do they ask it to you all? For Italians, what did you bring them from Italy? What if any prior record is found? May I lose the job? Did you bring 2 reference letters as well?
    Thank you for all the answers,
    Γεια σάς!

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    Hi every one,
    I received a proposal to work at TP Hellas,
    what are the living conditions there ? and the net salary ?

    Thank you

  • Gio Q

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  • Kostas Kotsialos

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    Hi and welcome to Athens

  • Gio Q

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    All I can suggest to u Angelo is that you delete your,post and never publish personal information and comversations on a public forum again...

  • Gio Q

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    Hey Angelo

    it's a nice working environment, new building, high security,well organised.

    working shifts and salary depend on the department. There are production bonuses but u should check their net,value in cash or if they are shopping vouchers...

    like i said before u dont really find rooms for rent here cause aptments are so cheap.

    u can rent a furnished one bedroom apt. For minimum 220. Non furnished even less.

    public transport is ok, it costs 25 per month, buses and tram.

    the beaches are nice and. The sea is clean... Food is good, bread, oil, cheeses are identical to Italy. Not very cheap tho...

  • angelo s.

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    can you please tell me more about TP.

    Net salary? how the work shifts are? much is to rent a room in Athens?...City life? ...Facilities?

    Thank you very much!!!


  • Gio Q

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    hey that's great.

    everything good here, I just got an apartment near work.

    TP is in a big and pretty cool building near the sea. like 5 stops of tram to the beach and not far from the center of Athens. the area is called Kallithea.

    the HR will help you with finding an apartment while you are in the hotel. there aren't really rooms for rent here cause apartments are not very expensive to rent. you could rent a 1 bedroom apartment for 200 a month but the very most of them are not furnished. furnished apartments are difficult to find and more expensive.

    Athens is a very charming place. the food is good and the sun is always shining!

    maybe I'll see you around here!

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    I've got the proposition to work in Teleperformance as well. Can you tell me how is there? the work atmosphere and life in Athens? I was there only for holidays and many years ago.
    Before I lived in Italy, England and Spain.


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