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Italian lessons

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Hi everybody,i m italian and live in athens since a year.
I give italian lessons so contact me if somebody is interested

  • Qudratullah SAQIB


    posted by  Qudratullah SAQIB in Athens forum 

    Hi EvEryBoDy! HoW ArE YoU?
    i'm Qudratullah From Afghanistan,I was Worked in Ajmal Unique logistic & building construction ltd as a Finance Officer
    NoW I'm In Greece,Athens But I'm Willing to stay in Austria I know it's Very Difficult For Refugee to stay and find work in Austria But i have skill and Qualification .I Wan't A Job AnyWhere Greece Or Austria Please if There is Any Website For Online Jobs PLeaSe PoSt HeRe!!
    Thank You & Sorry For Caps and small words

  • susy marchio

    posted by  in Athens forum 

    Hi Andreas!i just wanted to thank you for your advises and i'll check these newspapers that you told me

  • andreas nikakis

    posted by  in Athens forum 

    Hi Salt,of course we have many problems in Greece and thats because of the financial crisis but this is not suppose to mean that you cant find a job especially in a travel agency otr in a hotel and etc,tourists they still coming in Greece but you have to check before.

  • Salt .

    posted by  in Athens forum 


    I just would like to ask,if there is a possibility to find a job in travel agency in Greece for a foreigner?? according to situation which is happening now with Greece?

  • andreas nikakis

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    Hello Susy,if you looking for Greek guys interesting to learn Italian i dont think here is the best place,best place is newspaper ''xrisi eukeria'' in english is cold ''opportunity'',its only for jobs,
    you can find it on internet on this address,its more easy and you can find kids for lessons for sure,if you need more help let me know.

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