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Totally empty house

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Hi! I need household items, my new flat is has so little in the way of household items, I have nothing but a sofa, stove, table, fold-up bed and clothes pegs. if anyone wants to give/sell things to me that'd be awesome. I have very little money at the moment, so if you're willing to give me a good price or perhaps let me have something free, I would appreciate that. here are a few things I'm hoping to find:

clothes hangers
plates (etc.)
cooking equipment (saucepan etc.)
speakers (small)
clothes horse
vacuum cleaner
chest of drawers/clothes storage
bed sheets
fairy lights

just for a few ideas of what I'm looking for...... old is fine, i just need cheap/free stuff
my email address is [...]

  • Naz ..

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    I'm looking job I can do body massage face massage hair massage also house Cleaning if you have job for me so please mail me thank you. also I'm nice cooking

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    Hi, well Im in kind of the same boat as u, I bought a nice unit and now don't have much left to buy stuff, so i too have the bare minimum, welcome to athens, are u a new arrival.

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