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    many thanks again, ohh, and i took that backpackers insurance. covers both of us for a continuous 365 days, and only 54 pound each, so we are happy with that. take a look at atlas direct next time you need to renew, its up too 10million as well. so we are now worth more dead than alive,lol. enjoy xmas both of you. xx ellen

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    Im from newcastle soo its going to be verrry cold! and its snowing lots and lots! My bf wont know whats hit him haha!!

    have a great xmas and new year!
    take care

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    hi again, i will definatly look at what you said. thanks. shane said he knew where sea monkeys was, and he was right. will call and see you sometime. im not sure where in england you are spending xmas, but the further north is snow snow and more snow!!! fetch big coats and thermals, lol. enjoy the time here and have a fab xmas, many thanks for all your help. x

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    I bet u cant wait to move there! Im not currently in Corfu. From October we move to Thessaloniki as my bf is studying at a Uni here for the next two years. we go back 2 corfu in may for the beginning of the summer. The weather isnt that good here though, its just started to change .. wet, cold and sooooo windy its unreal! Were both heading back 2 england for xmas with my family and im dreading the coldness!!

    you should check out this website

    thats where i used to get my travel insurance from and was really decent price. i used to get the single trip insurance which covered me for 6 months when i used to go out for the summer season to work. i think i used to pay 88pnds for 6 months! When i did have an accident it covered me for x-rays, transport in ambulance at the best private clinic in corfu town!! soo it is a good insurance in my opinion as i didnt pay a penny. They have backpacker insurance on there too so u should take a look and see if its any cheaper to what u have already found.

    u have 3 little pigs on the corner, turn right as ur heading up canal d'amour and its on the right hand side next door to Philips excursion shop, the big red one.

    Let me know how you get on!

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    hi, thanks for replying. i have also been looking at backpackers insurance, it will cover us for 12mth, and up til now seems a good choice. will look at what you said as well though. the sea monkeys, is that up near 3 pigs? sounds familiar. as you go into livadi velonades, there is a bar called lefkas snack bar, our apt is opposite the bar. its owned by kostas who works in dorotheas restaurant, behind the IQ bar on the strip. what is the weather like at the moment. snow, freezing fog here!!! surely you must have it better!! over the past few yrs we got to know a guy called shaun, scots, works all over i think, but was doing water sports this yr, behind the old bowling alley. he was helpful to us. told us how to get tax number etc. speak again soon, we appreciate this racheal

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    ahh really, i know a few people from Velonades .. yea i know where that hotel is. I have a greek boyfriend from sidari met him while i was working there in 2006, been in greece ever since!
    u heard of Trivizas Apt. oppisite sea monkeys? thats my partners hotel ... pop in next year! :-)

    Im not quite sure on how to go about medical insurance etc. I still get direct-travel insurance. maybe theres information on the British Embassy website ...

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    hi, nice to hear from you. shane and i have rented a villa in velonades, 10 mins outside sidari. we have been going to corfu the past 8 yrs, and we have got to know the greek locals very well. we even got wed over there last may. whwn we stop in sidari we always stay at the othanos studios, just passed legends and going up towards the large supermarkets. where are you, and how long have you been there? nice to hear any thing that we may not of thought about, we do have the greek tax number already, but we are still unsure about medical care if it was needed. help!!! regards, ellen now living in blackpool. been here 33yrs by the way.

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    hey, where about in corfu are u going to be living?

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