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Moving to Kefalonia

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I am selling up and moving to Kefalonia once I have a buyer for my house. I plan to settle in the mountains close to Assos. I have several questions please. I have been told to bring as much as possible in the way of appliances and furniture with me since they are expensive in Kefalonia. (1) Do I need to buy adapters for each appliance for 240 to 120 volt, or is it just a matter of buying 3 pin to 2 pin plugs. (2) Should I bring my somewhat ancient, but very reliable right hand drive Nissan Almera with me or would it be better to buy a small left hand drive car? (3) What is the best and cheapest way to transport my stuff here. (a) a removal firm which deals with overseas. (b) a container (c) hire a largish van for a week and drive it over.

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