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I want to stream Hungarian tv to Canada

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I live in Canada with my mother in law who only speaks Hungarian. I am tring to get Hungarian tv to stream to my computer for her to watch. I have found a website with many links to Hungarian tv but only one works ( mms:// ) and it seems to be mostly news and talk programming. Could someone please supply me with more links so she might have something more to watch, mabe something that has comedy or drama. I would appreaciate any links that are provided but please understand that I can't speak Hungarian, she can't speak English, she dosn't understand how to use a computer. The address above is very easy for me to use because the video loads for me automatically, there is no Hungarian language for me to translate.

Thank you for any help!

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    posted by  bence tóth in Hungary forum 

    I am hungarian language teacher. I teach you,If you want.

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    Hungarian TV in canada

    posted by  Cosmin Pop in Hungary forum 

    Hi Pal,

    I got Hungarian TV through EuroTV Canada. It's not free but it worths all the money. The quality is very good and I get 7 TV channels: M1, M2, Duna TV, RTL KLub, Echo TV, Cool TV and Prizma. I understand they'll add Hir TV and a music channel soon. It's 23.99 USd per month, or 19.99 if you pay one year in advance. The nice thing about it isthat they have an EPG and all the shows are recorded for the last 48 hours, so you never miss a show. their website is or call them at 1-877-387-6881.


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    Watch TV Online Free

    posted by  hussain ali in Hungary forum 

    Please visit our site you can watch online free Hungarian channels here.

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    Hungarian TV streaming

    posted by  Pal Wagner in Hungary forum 


    Usually I watch the Hungarian channels here :

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    Hungarian TV streaming

    posted by  Wayne Philpott in Hungary forum 

    I bought a new computer and those two addresses work great! I've fornd a few more myself. MTV1 and MTV2 are some of the best. Now she is glued to the Tv. Thanks again for your help!

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    Hungarian tv stream

    posted by  Wayne Philpott in Hungary forum 

    My windows media player gives the error message "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."

    I have to work on it more tonight when i get home from work.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hungarian TV via web

    posted by  Gabor Csanadi in Hungary forum 


    I had the same problem in Germany until now. Today I've found this:
    You can watch here all important hungarian tv channels free. Enjoy it!
    Send me please a feedback whether you succeeded.

    Kind regards

    Maria and Gabor Csanadi

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