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Looking to Learn Hungarian after 3 week visiting family.

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Hi everyone, my mother moved out to hungary a few years ago and my sister shortly bought a holiday home near my mothers soon after for family holidays. I just got back this week after my first visit, almost 3 weeks. I have a real interest in learning the language, as i plan to revisit many more times yet.

Ive been using language translators which i soon realised the grammar is quite complex as google would return one thing and bing something totally different some times, would give an entire different meaning.

Im maybe looking for a Hungarian who already speaks a little english who could teach me hungarian and also help one another to better talk.

If anyone is interested please reply or feel free to email me on neil.wattam AT live dot co dot uk


  • Ferenc Gyurkovics

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    Hi Neil,

    First Aid:

    2.) to download and read:
    for English speekers to download Hungarian language pack containing following books:

    Carol Rounds - Colloquial Hungarian (There are audioCDs but not included - see torrents)
    Living Language - In-Flight Hungarian - Learn Before You Land
    Living Language Fast And Easy Hungarian
    Zsuzsa Ponifex - Teach Yourself Hungarian
    Magyar (Hungarian) [Language 30].mp3
    Bánhidi-Jókay-Szabó - Learn Hungarian.pdf
    Carol Rounds - Hungarian An Essential Grammar.pdf
    Culture and Customs of Hungary.pdf
    Hungarian in Words and Pictures.pdf
    Magyar (Hungarian) [Language 30].pdf
    Miklós Törkenczy - Practical Hungarian Grammar.pdf
    Somos Béla - 1000 szó magyarul.pdf

    3.) To download, but these are Totally Hungarian ones:

    Felsőfokon magyarul\
    Halló, itt Magyarország! 1.pdf
    Halló, itt Magyarország! 2.pdf

    OK, these are books but not talking things...
    I have about GBytes more...with audio. I can share it via service if you want ('share during a chat'-mode)

    Depending my furture job maybe I can help you - even via Skype (gyurkovics).

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