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Does someone know what the literal meaning of the separate parts of ügyefogyott is?

I know the word means something like simpleton, I just wondered where the separate parts come from.

On Wiki I can see it's a compound word:
ügye + fogyott

But both words have no link on Wiki and a lot of different meanings in the dictionary :\


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  • Andor Dénes

    posted by  in Hungary forum 

    Hi Ariana!

    I'm Hungarian so I know what the word means but I have to tell you it's almost impossible to translate it but I will do my best:

    It is an adjective which describes a clumsy, loser, twit person. It is not a strong one, not swearing, Hungarians will not feel offended when you tell this to them.

    Literally means:
    ügye - his/her case
    fogyott - ...less
    caseless but it cannot be translated like that.

    I hope it helps! :)

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