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work and study in Hungary

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Hi! I was just wondering, do I have the right to work part-time without a work permit, being a full-time master's student at CEU? Thanx!

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    I am an Indian, basically trying to enter Hungary, need help in knowing how to get a long term visa and what do i need for it. Tried applying for jobs but no one responds am open for any kind of job. Hope i can make friends here and get help or guidance.

  • Imran Khan

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    My name is imran Ii am studying in debrecen I have permit but I dnt find job please provide me a good job

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    how easy is it to find part time work while studying please?

  • Shamim Rahman

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    hello friend is it possible for apply permanent resident as a tourist from non-Eu?

  • Julia Nazarenko

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    Hi, l'm going to live in Hungary for about 4 months, I'm studying here, I have a student visa and resident permit, can I obtain a work permit and find a job? But I have a problem, I don't speak Hungarian language.

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    pls i would like to know what kind of buisness i can invest in hungary i need nothing than buying and selling pls ur advice is needed cheers

  • James Abaham

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    Dear Roy,

    Personally i don't have any contacts in hotel industry but I can suggest you if you have some good savings then start your own business in BP, as you mentioned you wana live with your wife. If I would be at your place I would do this thing, working in hotel industry either on land or cruise means no social life. If you have enough work experience and sufficent funds then you can start your own restaurant or bufe.

    Incasse if you want to work only then i suggest you to start sending your CV to all the hotel industry in bp, as it sounds you have enough good expereince.

    According to me you don't need anyone assistance in this :))

    have a good day!!


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    Hello James,

    Thanks for your immediate reply. the truth is im still employed here in a cruise ship, as a matter of fact im still on board the ship and i will finish my contract on october. I have already 18 years working on the cruise ship thats why i said its time for me to work and stay on land together with my wife which is a hunagrian and also working on a cruise ship together with me.if you can help me find a job in a 5 star hotel or restaurant that will be great. by the way my nationality is a filipino.

    God Bless,

  • James Abaham

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    Hi Roy,

    If you hold a residence permit then you are entitled to work in hungary without any work permit. Your employer will provide you a work contract and he will pay your insurance and tax as well. There are some companies here in budapest which provides work at cruise. if you hold a diploma or certificate in hotel industry that will support you more. Right now I am travelling and i don't have my notebook with me. Soon i will send you links. in the meantime write cruise lines jobs in budapest in google and you will find some companies to sort this problem.

    if you have more enquiries, contact me anytime.


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    I am also looking for a job and dont speak much hungarian, maybe you can help me find a job. i have a residence permit and have an experience working in a hotel or cruise ship as waiter. hope to hear from you..

    god bless,

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