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Is Budapest really that dangerous city?

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My husband and I are planning a vacation and we would love to explore Hungary (maybe spend some time at lake Balaton and travel around). We would like to spend couple of days in Budapest too, but I heard some stories about how dangerous the city is (lot of pickpockets, homeless people etc.) so I'm wondering if it is a good idea to travel there with kids... What do you think?



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    Search for NoGo Budapest in the Google Play (android)

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    I used to live in Budapest for 3 years and to be honest i have never felt like i am not safe, in fact im sure you are going to have a great time :)

  • moha reda

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    The center is generaly don´t worry be happy :)

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    Dear Moha,

    thanks for your reply! I'm sure we will have lot of fun in Budapest, it's such an impressive city :-) are there some places that should be avoided or is the centre generally safe?

  • moha reda

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    Its true that there is alot of homless people here but its not true that its dangerous as far as you are not walking in dark places late night alone then everything is ok and you gonna enjoy it soo much im sure.
    wish you nice holiday
    Bye :)

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